Giving away a medium cup and some rings


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Hi nooglefolk :) I have a few items that never fit my size/program for noogling so I am posting here to see if anyone would like them! Items include
  • Silicone Cup Rings × 1 small/medium
  • Airlock breast enlargement cups (no pump) x 1 medium
  • Silicone Cup Rings × 1 Large / Extra Large
  • Soft Foam Breast Cup Rings × 1 Extra Large

  • I purchased a medium and immediately realized It was too small for me. I used it for maybe a week with some light olive oil. It was fully cleaned after each use.
  • the rings did not work for me because they increased the distance between my breasts when pumping. I guess my chest isn’t that large but I’m sure it will work for someone else!

Everything is clean and unused, but of course I’ll clean it once more for you before sending it out.

This is free of charge, I’ll try and send you with tracking. I’m moving at the end of the month so I’m trying to get rid of some extra stuff asap:)