Has anyone had permanent growth after stopping Noogleberry


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I would like to start using NB but before I start is there any proof of anyone having permanent grosth after stopping the use of NB That is beyond swelling?


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Yes there is some but in many cases its a bit modest. I've gone from flat to a small A cup permanent in a few years. Bigger when noogling. If you're wanting to be C cup or bigger you probably need to do something else.


I went on a 3 month stint of not noogleing and I didn't see any reduction in my breast. I do take wild yam and B.O. though, also, and massage as often as I can. Bra size, not sure because I wear large size sports bras. My girls are noticeable but not tiny. Yes, I will say that growth is perminate. You may have times where yours might deflate, especially around your period, but they should rebound shortly. Once you decide to go NBE don't give up. There will be times when you might get frustrated, but just keep noogleing, hun. And it's not fast either, took me 13 months to go from completely flat to maybe a B cup. If it makes any difference, I am a 69 year young male, and I love my boobies. Best wishes on your NBE journey. Contact me if you wish. Would love to hear more of your journey.

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