How Your Diet Can Help in Breast Enlargement


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Are you looking into naturally increasing your breast size? Fact: the food you eat can be a natural breast enhancer! If you're trying to achieve breast enlargement naturally and without surgery or implants, here's a friendly tip. Many foods commonly served at the table or used as an ingredient in the kitchen contain trace amounts of hormone-adjusting compounds. A diet rich in estrogen-stimulating foods, if you do not know yet, may change the size and shape of your breast tissue.

This so-called "estrogenic diet" could increase breast size by triggering certain hormonal responses that are not far from those seen in women who pregnant or breastfeeding. A warning, though: women with a history of breast cancer illness should steer clear of estrogenic diets, which can potentially facilitate growth of cancerous breast cells.

here are some foods for natural breast enlargement that you can try eating more.

• Dairy products. Did you know that all dairy products contain estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin? These hormones are all part of lactation in all kinds of mammals. Foods under this category include milk, cheese, and yogurt. These typical foods may increase breast size by raising the levels of the said hormones in your body.

• Soy. Are you fond of minimally processed soy products, like tofu and edamame? If yes, it would probably be a good breast enhancer. These soy-based foods contain remarkable amounts of isoflavones, which chemically resemble estrogen. Soy benefits for breast enlargement have been known traditionally. However, they are only mostly theoretical, so more research and investigation is necessary to probe the benefits.

• Licorice. Licorice can cause high estrogen and prolactin levels, according to the United States National Institute of Health. Estrogen and prolactin are both breast-enhancing hormones. Licorice is usually "prescribed" by folk herbalists as a holistic way of treating those who are afflicted with menopause symptoms or are dealing with a low breast milk supply. Scientific research, though, is yet to fully evaluate, recommend, and approve this technique. If you want to go for it, choose natural licorice candies instead of artificially flavored ones, which are somehow useless in providing the breast-stimulating compounds you are looking for.

• Fennel. A popular Mediterranean vegetable that may be used as a seasoning as well, fennel is not one to be ignored by self-applied breast enlargement products. Research shows that fennel has a traditional benefit as a galactogogue or breast milk stimulant. Fennel's major effects on human hormone levels are credited to compounds called anerthole, dianethole, and photoanethole.

• Fenugreek. A key ingredient in the flavorful South Asian cuisine, fenugreek is also used traditionally as a galactogogue. According to old knowledge, it can increase levels of oxytocin, a hormone involved in breast milk production. Fenugreek may increase bust size by being able to mimic hormonal conditions usually happening to lactating mothers.

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