I don’t have any suction.


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I have attached the tubes to the cups correctly and applied a thin. coco butter to the base of the cup but for some reason the cup doesn’t stay on.


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IL faut rien mettre bien adapte le globe sue la poitrine est pompe


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sans doute, je m'y prends mal. Je mets la tasse à la base de mon sein et pompe, mais il semble que les tasses ne tiennent pas et que la pression ne monte pas. Si je n'ai rien à mettre sur la ventouse, que dois-je faire pour conserver l'aspiration ?


Try putting just one cup on, hook the single tube directly to the pump. Then do the other one. If one stays on and the other one doesn't you have narrowed down the problem.
Does that lose pressure slowly or does it not grip at all?

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Also put your choice of lubricant on your breast not on the cup. And be generous with it.