I'm gaining size!

Tina A

Noogling is my stress "bust"er. My avatar=My goal
Happy Easter! Hope all is swell! Still pumpin! Just a morning photo braless in one of many t shirt dresses I sleep in. Updates coming since it’s been a few months.


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Lisa Moon
Hi. I've been around here a while but have not posted anything of my own experience. For a few years I have taken "breast growth" pills of a couple different brands on and off. Last spring I started again but continueously since. I also started pumping with cheap domes and enjoyed that greatly. I made my own that were 7" diameter by 3 1/2" deep. These started tp give me more volume than just protrusion. In December 2016 I bought some used NB xl's. Oh my gosh, they are so much better. Nice quality. I have been pretty regular using them since. I find also that when I am noogl'in I will flex and hold my chest muscles which has really firmed my breast nicely. I usually wear then for 1 to 2 hours at a time in the early morning, 4 to 6am while I am driving. I will again try to get in 30 to 60 minutes in the evening, and any other time I can. I love noogl'in. Two years ago I had no real "breast" just a normal man chest. I wish I would have chronicalled with pictures but I really didn't expect to be successful with any gain being male. I am currently about a 44C, but after a two hour pump session I am a full D cup. I do show in tee shirts now and I love it! I am going to just keep pumping and see how big it get.
Fantastic, lushes beautiful breasts, I admire your commitment, I need to more often


Lisa Moon
Good Evening! Again its been awhile. I have been gaining slowly, that is how it works, slowly. Nipples is what I've been lately working on. I want them pointy like my Avatar photo, and I think I'm getting there. Let me know what you think. Enjoy the photo.

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Getting a lovely shape to the girls now Tina, gorgeous