Its like I NEED to overpump... HELP!


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:mad: so I know everyone talks about over pumping and how detrimental it can be to your growth whilst noogling,.i just have this annoying problrm with the large domes in that the suction wont stick at all unless they are pumped to a certain point.. So its either pumping to where I am comfortable and then losing suction (so its pretty pointless) or over pumping to a painful point just to keep them on

What can I do :( sighhhhh its really putting my down!


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that's a tricky one. The only thing I can think of would be to pump one cup at the time, although maybe you've tried that already?
Have you got any smaller cups? I wonder if it would help at all to pump with smaller cups first and then switch? I'm sorry I'm not of more help to you, as far as i know this is a fairly common problem and hopefully somebody will have some good tips for you.


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I think a very slow and gradual loss of suction is actually natural and normal, unless you physically cut off the supply of air to the tubing. Like if you bend the tube shut or use an airlock.

If you're losing suction quickly, it could be your position or the size of your chest. Heck, it can even be the lubrication you use! I used to use olive oil as a sealing lubricant, but ugh, the side of my right breast would always have a small fold when noogling and air would happily slip right in! Oil was a good sealant for me.. but not for folds! :mad: BUT I decided to use a water-based lotion and that did the trick! Although your skin will absorb the lotion, it does plump up your skin with moisture temporarily and that fixed the fold issue! The fold is still there, but my skin's cells are plumped up enough to not provide an airway for suction to go bye-bye. ;D

You can also hold down the cups towards you if you want to be a bit more secure. And always put the cups as close together as you can! Tying them together with a cloth, bra, band, etc. really helps! ;)


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Hmm, maybe try pumping with the mediums first and then using that swelling, it'll be easier to get the larges on without overpumping?


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A pinkish color is okay, but the dots do mean overpumping. Hmm, I don't know what to suggest.

And as for self esteem, I think they have as much effect as you let them have. We're bombarded with images of the ideal female body, but it's difficult or impossible for anyone to obtain in real life. There's actually a talk on this called Killing Us Softly if you're interested. Guys do find breasts attractive, but at the end of the day he's dating you, not your breasts. I've seen your progress pics - you have a really hot body! You shouldn't feel bad about it. :)


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From what I have been reading on other threads, have you tried bending forward while positioning and pumping up, then straightening up? I can't find the thread right now but notsotinyanymore gave some advise on doing it in the bath to improve it? I will try and find thread x