Jeane is back



Hi Jeane

Thank you for sharing your photos ... it's always good to see what other people do, and what kind of results they get.

Good on you for being able to sleep while using your Noogleberry, I couldn't get the hang of that.

As you are a man, I think it just goes to show that consistent, regular use pays off ;D

Best wishes
Mojo :-* :-* :-*


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Hi Jeane

Wow you have great results! I've always wanted to be able to sleep in the domes to get some extra time in. I can sometimes drift off in them but I wake up and I pull them off when I'm half asleep! I may try smaller domes like you have - does it matter if the cups are completely filled as I completely fill the large ones after around 10 minutes or so?

So pleased for you x x x x


you are very precise and patient, 2 major ingredients for this whole process! best of luck! great progress!!!


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Hi Jeane,

If those pipe do not bother you then I don't think you need to shorten them. It is kind of easy to reach when it is long enough.

Thanks for sharing your experiment ;).



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The systeme is good.
Improved to position bells.
Practice also to pump breast more or less. That of right is smaller than that of left. :-\

Problem: a valve loses a little of air... :mad:
I was obliged to do again the system with t-tube.
I have to order a new valve to Lucy. :-*