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Well, I stumbled on the site earlier tonight while researching fat transfer breast augmentation. I cannot believe I have never heard of such a thing!! I kept coming back to the site throughout the evening, lurking and looking at the photos. I have always wanted implants, and have an 'implant fund' I've been socking money into. I had always been a 32B until about 4 yrs ago when I suddenly gained 90#. Now I have very full D cups. Sadly, now I am also fat. I am on a diet plan now, and hope to lose most if not all of the gain, which is way too heavy for my 5'2" frame. I'm worried to end up losing my boobs and would miss them dearly!! Maybe with this thing I will be able to maintain what I have now or *maybe* get a little bigger. I do know that along with my weight loss my tits will shrink quite a lot which makes me sooo sad! They are actually something I have enjoyed about getting big! What can I say, I LOVE boobs!!


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Hi and welcome to our wonderful forum. First let me say that health IS ALWAYS the best thing. I comment you for wanting to lose weight. Secondly, everyone here will cheer every one on. so you don't have to worry about being cheered for. Thirdly, yes, allot of times during weight lose, boobage is lost too. The good news is that with faithful use, you will get results. Just try and stay committed first to losing the weight you wish and then increasing your boobage. Good luck dear. We will all pull for you

Hugs, Mama J :-* :-* :-* :-*
Hey thanks alot! I hope to use my nb while loosing weight to keep some boobage! Hey, I've been searching around for video tutorials or tip and hints, just videos in general to familiarize myself with the tool and the process before I actually have them in hand. Could you send me a link to some?


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Hi and welcome to the forum! The names don't come to me right now, but I know several of the users here have noogled while losing weight and for the most part kept the breast tissue, so I think you're in the right place. :)

As to video tutorials, I think flatty_natty made this one: http://www.in.com/videos/watchvideo-how-to-attach-the-noogleberry-system-9607967.html
I think there are others, but that's the one that comes to mind.


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I think you're gonna have great results impendingrapture... especially because if you lose your boobage your skin has already stretched out to occupy a D cup so pumping will just refill that skin... Im sure of it... let us know how you're getting on lovely :)


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Yes indeed, you WILL have success. I don't think it is maybe, it is when. Be patient and it WILL happen my dear. Hugs

Mama J :-* :-* :-* :-*
Wow, thanks so much guys for the words of encouragement! I can't say how your msgs struck me! This process of weight loss is so stressful, not to mention the fact that life in general is pretty stress-max right now. I love the support on here and plan to be here regularly after my boobie suckers arrive! I look forward to traveling this road and am excited at the new prospects- reinvigorating my life! Lord knows I need it!! Might I also add how incredibly odd it is to see my boobs online?? LOL!! It nearly surprises me each time! I didn't bat an eye getting the pic on here though- it's actually kinda cool! Hahaaaaaaa!! I'll be posting more just for poops and grins!!
I'm still anxiously awaiting my unit!! I think it's been 3 weeks or something. I know it's coming from Australia but HOW LONG is it going to be?? I live in MO so just in the middle of the states. I'm soooo eager to get started! PLeASE?


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It's going to take some time. I asked Lucy and she responded saying:

Please be aware that due to the recent bomb threats , parcels are taking much longer.

Some are taking 3-4 weeks due to the increased security checks in the US.

Im sure you're parcel is not lost and will arrive soon.


Lovelyoneanna amazing results NBE
LoL, you all are so excited thats wonderful. While waiting on my Noogleberry I actually massaged for a while which prepared me for great Success. So if I can give any advice massage three times a day or more. Then once your Noogleberry arrive you will be more than ready. I had fast results, which could have been because preparation sessions.
AAARRRGH!! Still not here! ??????? HOW much longer? It's gotta be here tomorrow right, or maybe by Friday?? I'm so anxious!! Hey ragdoll, what kind of massage do you mean? I've looked for vids on youtube but the only things I've found are vids of Asian women getting fondled LOL!! Is there a proper way to massage the boobies before noogleing?


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The massaging video i fond and did for a bit got removed :( sadly. But How I do it now or about 15mins in the am when I get up and at night after a hot shower is.
like your massaging your arm do it on your breast. also take 2 finger and do small circle around your breast and then push them up and in. I just remember about another video and I have a hard time doing because im so flat :'(. here it is. Its called Chi Breast Massage. I hope this helps



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Hi there, I haven't formally introduced myself to everyone yet, since I've been waiting for mine to arrive. It has been the 6th week for me. I try to contact Lucy on weekly basic. I called the local postal service yesterday, they told me that the seller would be able to provide the Custom Number (not tracking number) on the form at Royal Mail Air Mail...Once I hear back from Lucy and call them back, USPS can locate the parcel...I'm pretty sure all the newbies are very anxious and flood Lucy's inbox, so I hope she will reply to me soon. Good luck to us!


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newtothis she is really good about email you back. She emails me back with in a day or two. I hope you get yous soon! I had very bad luck in Dec with the USPS one I still do not get is I live in Cali I was sending a box to OR well it end up in NM!! And I was getting a box wend it me from OR too 3 WEEKS! I just got my NB the outer day and im loving it so far!