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hi.people does anybody experienced loose lock? how to fix? it was fine always but since 1 week it is so loose,getting lock when i am applying suction every second.
also..my other lock is tilted like this since i received it,it is tilted and so it does not work,would that be ok if i use some force to straighten it with some tool? i dont wanna break cups..bcz of tilt i can press the button,it is fixed in this position
i got free upgrade to an airlocl system since they were out of simple cups so i really m not in a place to complain,i love lucy :) but if anybody could help me fix it please,i ll be indebted


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Tina A

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HI. I would think a needle nose pliers would work to bend it back up. Was it bent when you received it? You could turn it out of the cup and try to straighten it, it may be harder but you don't want to crack the cup. (I also don't think you would be putting enough pressure on the cup when straightening the bent part.)

noogler 24

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thank you much Tina A.i had no idea i could take off the lock ..that sounds good option.thanks
yes i received it like that.

noogler 24

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TinaA i am so thankful..i was so scared of cracking cups,but after your advice i tried needle nose pliers n it worked like magic :) my lock is working so good now