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I’ve been pumping for about a year now and just stumbled across this forum! I’ve always been self conscious about my boobs and I’m finally starting to love them! I guess I hated mostly that I have wide set boobs and it was nearly impossible to find bras that were comfortable. Now I can go to a larger size if a bras uncomfortable and actually fill out the cup!!! Starting out I barely filled out a 34B but it was most comfortable. After 3 months of pumping I developed a full 34C! I was amazed at my results then and well now if my bf isn’t here to hold my boobs cuddling me I am lol ;) After that I stopped for a while...my growth kinda tapered off, life with my daughter got busy, and My bf was at my house a lot more. Let’s just say I was a little embarrassed to noogle around him. I decided to start BO supplements so I didn’t lose my new growth. Too my surprise they worked a little too well. In 5 months I was measuring at a 32D! Since then I came out to my fb about noogling and Started again. A little over 3 months later I am now a 34DD!!! I plan to go on a diet and loose some weight I put on 2 years ago. But I’m afraid of loosing my hard work! I’m hoping with the noogling and the BO supplements I can keep my current size. My goal is a 34E or DDD :) I will post pics in the comments!


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Starting out pic! Feb 2019


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Hello. I hope your still continuing your trek to enlarging your gorgeous breasts. You really looked great back in 2019, hopefully yo',ve had continued success! Tina