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hello everyone, I have a lot to tell, let's start with the bad news, a dome broke, ha and it gave me covid ...

After the virus, I lost a lot of weight and naturally, I lowered bubi, 94 cm. at 90 cm. It was a lot, I could feel it in the bra, in my hands, I got a little depressed because of that and because I felt very bad, so I did not take photos, I'm sorry, I came to believe that this was over, but good when I recover now I felt good, I sat in front of the mirror and said to myself, well it was reduced but we did not go back to the beginning 85cm. In the forum I read and read many cases where the same thing happened to them so I thought, I can't stop, reluctantly and with a single dome, I resumed the program, I feel that it took me 2 months to recover what was lost but they are almost 93cm. Again, with the change in routine my breasts thirsty a little more in the dome, I am very thin and small in the photos it looks wow but the reality I am small, that if my breasts are taking a nice round and jovial shape, who It would be seen to loa 40 with boobs of 20, hopefully, well that's all until the moment, the gray bra is 34b the nude bra 34c the black 34c all without padding, all of my back are large I have to patch them to my measure, Does anyone know any page where they sell bra size 32 or 30 cup cod online please tell me in my country I can't find there is only breastfeeding, thanks and until later.
America sells bras with waistband of 30 or 32. Victoria secret is a good place to shop online


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Femenina There's a UK based company with good stock in 30 and 32 bands. You picture yourself in Plunge Bras - there are many in this style. International standard shipping is not expensive. I hope you find just the thing for you! https://lingerieoutletstore.co.uk/


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Hi Femenina, I switch between a 30 band and a 32 band (but I sew down the 32 bands to fit my band size). FYI, though it's true that if you go up a band size, you go down a cup size, but I've found the 32 cup sizes slightly bigger, than their 30 band equivalent. So right now, in North American bra sizes, I fit full on a 30E bra (thank you, Noogleberry), but almost full on a 32DDD.

I find all my bras for very affordable on AliExpress.com. Chinese 70 size cups work as well, matching cup size to North American sizes up to D cups, other wise just search via 30 and 32 band sizes.

Hope this helps you.


Vaya, tus resultados son muy alentadores. Empecé con noogleberry hace un par de meses, pero luego me rendí porque empecé a salir con alguien y no quería explicar las marcas de cúpula roja en mis senos. Pero ver tus resultados me da ganas de empezar de nuevo. Aunque me preocupa la flacidez como efecto secundario. ¿Crees que esto es un problema para ti?
perdón por la demora en contestar ... no, al contrario son más firmes como 15 ❤️


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Thank you so much for your updates! You have given me so much hope! I have been so busy it’s been hard to find time to fit in pumping. But I’m going to start again and hopefully have just as great results as you have had. I’ve been contemplating implants but would rather have my natural boobies than surgery. Thank you! Please continue updating us <3