mirror vs pic

noogler 24

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hi people
hey..does any of you think that boobs look bigger in the pics we take to keep record of growth than in mirror..
i love my boobs in pics,hate em in mirror..look bit odly shaped in mirror ..and so round in pic :p ..is it just me going crazy or anybody else agrees?


Distance from camera to you makes a big difference in the picture. As might be expected as the camera is closer boobs look bigger. If you take a selfie, at arms length the camera is close, but in a mirror distance is camera to mirror plus mirror to you. Angle and lighting also are critical. For comparison pictures very precise consistency is required. Stand straight, always have camera at same height and distance, try to keep lighting similar. Even small variations in distance can make a big difference in appearance.

noogler 24

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ohh rightt..got it now...so i can hope my boobs look like photo if somebody is standing in front..great news for me :D thank you so much.
so that is why i am always confused regarding progress pics, i need set standards of height distance and angle for actual and clear comparison . thanks a lot :) :*