My experiences - (begin 6/22/16)


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Hoping to share my progress as my Noogle program goes along.
Age 57, male, Height 5'11", 190#. I am fleshy, despite being fit and active; always prone to carrying a few pounds. I am optimistic the pumping will produce some measurable results. I have used suction on my nipples for years and that coupled with the large piercings I carry, they are very prominent. As I post photos you'll see what I mean.

I do not anticipate any outside products being used. Just the basic equipment meeting my flabby torso for a work out at least twice a day and often exceeding that minimum.

At this initial writing I have been Noogling through the first month and am very pleased with the products and service. I started out with the Large Airlock cups but quickly realized I needed to upsize. I wear a 46B bra and I was able to fill the Large cups right off the bat. I ordered the XL contoured cups, along with a set of airlocks to go with them.
At this point, with reasonable vaccum holding well my nipples are just over 50% into the cups, leaving me approximately 4" of free space. Not that I ever anticipate filling them, but I do have room to stretch the envelope and not feel constrained by the size of the cup.
At this 30 day mark, I all ready get some lasting swelling that enhances my silhouette. My left tit has always lagged in size and currently when they've been pumped vigorously for an hour, the two will look symmetrical for a good while.

I'm using the handle Dina_wants_Dees, but really if I could sustain a full plush B or even C, I'd consider this program a success.
I will post a couple pics to show "before" and hopefully -with time- a well shaped "after".


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I've tried to post pics to this post and also in gallery but the system isn't allowing me. Sorry.

Top pic is from june 2014, middle shot is sept, 2015, old shots are how it began ... 2003 or so.


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Welcome. It's refreshing to see new posters! I can only wish you the very best of growth Dina.
I know Noogleberry has been updating the forum lately and there is a limit of size the photo can be. Maybe that is the problem?
Having uneven breasts is common. I face that struggle as well as my left is bigger than the right even as a woman. Noogleberry will help to even them out so they look at least similar to one another. I'm so happy to hear you are pleased with the product/service so far. Noogleberry is one of the greatest products I've invested in that helped me cope and change one of my insecurities.

I'm looking forward to seeing your results! Good luck xo


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Sunday, July 31

Six weeks in. Typically 30 min in morning before work.... 30 min to an hour in the evening. Weekend mornings are my longest sessions.
This past Sunday, I Noogled for an hour or more, then showered and applied lotion before resuming. Wow. By the of the second hour the results were amazing.
A visitor came to the door, I had to quickly remove the cups and don a shirt. I felt the garment hanging differantly on my swollen chest. I looked in the mirror after a quick conversation and very pleased with the swelling I saw. I also realized they were quickly deflating.
I put the cups back on ... in all I had pumped for nearly 3 hours... but the results were stunning. The swelling lasted for more than two hours and for that time I felt like I had a full wonderful bosom. The experience of that one morning was worth the price of purchase. I am now eagerly waiting for this next weekend when I might hope to replicate the same experience.

If that's all I get is two to three hour periods of that fullness, I will say it's worth it. If eventually something like that is indeed permanent, then the Noogleberry is priceless. Thanks all!!


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This is after about 3 hr of NG, with a shower and some massage mixed in.

It may look modest but on my end the size increase is sensational. And I expect it will last for two hours or more. I will try to note all that and post my observations.

PS note to others... I set the resolution down on my digital camera, so I can take shots that don't need editing to meet size requirements. 'Much easier this way.


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It takes 2 hours plus to get that look to stay, but it will hold the some swelling for several hours.

I am disappointed the early easy results are mostly above the nipple. Another poster used a phrase; "underboob," I think he wrote. That's what I'd like to see more of. It would certainly enhance the overall profile.


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Haha I know what you mean. Although personally I won't mind volume on top, the underboob is definitely a desirable look!

Maybe try Noogling with your nipples centred in the cups? I do that and I see that it's much more of an even boost.


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oh I do center up when putting them on, but there is so much more mass above that is happily drawn in, that to really keep them centered is a losing battle.

One thing I do to pursue "cones" rather than "domes" is to use the smaller Large cups about a third of the time. I can immediately fill those cups so I won't gain as much overall, but I do think I can concentrate effort on that center area just around and behind the nipple. Again, striving for a conical shape.

I have only been Noogling since late June; there's a lot of time to craft strategies. I do intend to add the fat pipe insulation to my Large cups. That will add a little more depth to them and also reduce the ring that my breast is drawn into.... again, trying to stretch the dome into a cone.


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Camper Tape

Well I've given Camper Tape a try but I can't recommend it. It does improve performance and makes the hard edges more comfortable but the adhesive on the tape is not sturdy. The product is meant to provide a weather seal between two very immobile objects and the adhesive is there only to facilitate installation before a reasonably permanent assembly. It's not meant to withstand the rough and tumble world of NG activities.
It does not bond on any permanent level to the plastic cups. It can be aligned for a reasonable seal but it does shift as I'm drawing the cups tighter.
I am glad I only paid $6-7 on Ebay. I am a DIYer so I may find another application.
I have considered supplementing the adhesive but the overall product isn't worthy of any super-permanent effort. I think I'd rather put that effort and investment into the soft rings made from pipe insulation. They will be bulky but I can see where they should be much more effective and comfortable.


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2 months on NG program and am pleased with progress.

On the weekend mornings when I can pump 3 hours, the swelling lasts through the day but 12 hours later is pretty well dissipated.
Typical workday mornings, I will pump 30-45 minutes. This brief session is mostly to maintain the program but I do enjoy a couple hours of swelling as a result.


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Noogleberry Soft Rings

I broke down and ordered the rings after the disappointing results with camper tape. The soft rings do require some adjustment at first; wanting to suck into the cup or squishing too mush to the outside. I've been through a few days with them now and they seem to have settled into place on my Contoured XL cups.
The rings do demand I really lube up with lotion; many times when I know it's going to be a breif session, I won't bother with the lotion. For the rings to stay where I need them, I have to have the lotion so the skin of my breasts suck inside without dragging the soft foam along for the ride.

Having said all that, I do get very improved results. The edges of the cups don't leave such strong marks, and I am able to up the pressure so that I get more actual vacuum inside the cup. Before the cups would dig in so badly on the edges that it really determined what I was able to tolerate. Now I get a lot more pull and development inside the cup
And I see better results at the end of the session. My size when pumped has jumped a good measure and the effects last a little longer on the other end.
For what they are, the rings are expensive. But for the enhancement of what was all ready going on, they are worth the cost.


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unexpected break in routine

For reasons unforeseen, I'm forced to stop NG for a few weeks. I will be back!

I have had the occasion to pump for brief sessions and I can definitely tell that it does help to take breaks from it. I was 12-14 weeks into a pretty consistant program, so whatever changes or activities the NG would introduce were certainly in motion. Now when I pump up, the swelling feels firmer and I seem to gain a significant bit more volume than I was getting before.

I am really wanting this hiatus to be over; I'm so o o enthusiastic to get back to it.


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After a break nearly as long as my time in the NG program, I am back.

My first segment of time pumping; about 12 weeks, was a very positive experience. If nothing else, it certainly left my two breasts more equal in size. My left had been much less developed but now it and the right side are equal.

I am now using XL contoured cups with foam rings and alternating them with a set of XXL cups with foam rings. My chest is broad and while I hope to develop full prominent breasts, I do prefer they be broad and well matched to my overall frame.

Thx to NG for hosting this forum... it is good to be back.


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My experiences - (begin 6/22/16) June, 2017

Though I've been noogling, I haven't been posting. My bad.
I'm busy and distracted to maintain any kind of daily schedule. Sat and Sun mornings I am able to get in an hour or two each day. Sometimes I get an afternoon session in, but rarely more than 30 minutes.
Weekday evenings are hit and miss... an hour at least, 3 out of the 5 work days.

I enjoy the activity, and love swelling that is the immediate reward for my effort. Long term, I'm claiming a half cup gain over the year.

For the first time, today I tried Hydro Noogling. Challenging and awkward until I realized the pump works much more slowly than with dry air. Not what I expected but regardless..... I like it. Alot. I will be doing more of that.


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Hydro again this morning. I'm wary of wandering around with jars of water that could spill unexpectedly but I am learning that once their well attached that they do stay very well.


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Checking in a beautiful Sunday as July comes to an end.
Pumping on a mostly daily basis; Occasional mornings of 30 min (2-7 cycle), regularly 1-2 hours in afternoon.
Have not really indulged in the Hydro much.... too fussy and awkward to get in place, and still uneasy about leakage outside of the shower.

I did a good session lasting over two hours this morning, and have had random 30 min sessions through the day. The swelling lasts nicely and it feels good to really fill a C cup bra. As the swelling fades, so does that nominal fitting, but I can see with sustained effort that it is obtainable.


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And on a disappointing note-- both of my Lg contoured domes are cracked at the bell's edge. Both showed up with similar damage at the same time. Poor handling is the cause, I am sure. Shame on me.