My experiences - (begin 6/22/16)


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Dec, 2017 I guess I'm about 18 months in... job and distractions of life prevent me maintaining a well disciplined regime over all that time. Nonetheless, I press on as the occasion allows.
Saddly, I am on an unexpected hiatus again. This time it is not from external influences but because of problems with my cups. My XL contoured cups broke (as previoused posted here) and then my XXL suffered very similar damage. Two factors contribute to the damage: when handling the cups, I have the bad habit of letting them dangle by the hose connections. The cups can swing against each other like two bells, or they can individually bump against furniture. But I believe a greater factor is that I really pump up the vacuum and I am sure I've had some failure occur from that. Perhaps a chip or crack from a clumsy impact occurs then the structure of the plastic fails at that point when stressed by the vacuum.
I do have a replacement set of XXL cups ordered but they are on back order and I'm in limbo waiting for them. (sigh)


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Yep.. plastic is typically brittle by nature and the shape and uniformity of the material is what gives it the strength to withstand the pressures of vacuum. Let them clang against things will ruin those properties and slowly but surely the brittleness results in small cracks and then those will eventually race to breakage.

I've managed to keep my XLs in good working order for 4 years but I am very careful about how I dangle them to untwist the tubing. So I agree with your observations.. :)

Hi Dina I'm sorry about your cups breaking hopefully you get your new ones soon. I was looking at your pics and you've made some great progress. I totally understand not having time to noogle, the only time I have to noogle is at night when my kiddos are asleep. I gave up for a long time due to my busy schedule and I wasn't getting any results so I kinda gave up. But now I make time to noogle everyday even if I'm tired and I'm finally seeing a little growth . I hope you find time to noogle once you get your new domes


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Happy, thanks for the positive energy. I am irregular but keeping at it. Just the good swelling I get to enjoy afterward is really all the encouragement I need.

I have received my domes and added a new set of foam rings to the order; I'm getting a totally fresh start.


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There's a lot of items on the spring time list, including better discipline to get the early morning NG in before going to work, and also to be more active on this quiet forum. There's a small group here and I think we all value the mutual encouragement.

My work has been characteristically busy again, so getting any meaningful pumping done really only happens on weekend mornings. Hence my early '' item. I could get in 30-45 min in the morning, as I catch up on the morning news and indulge in a cup or two of coffee... but I'm pretty muddy headed that early in the day and it's tough to put two brain cells in touch with one another.


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I've been slacking. I've visited but not posted. I will try to be a better citizen.

I'm solidly an overstuffed B cup now. Can fill a favorite C cup now after a good session.
I need to get some images up.


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(begin 6/22/16) Jan, 2020 = 3.5 years

I have been deliquent about posting here.
I am still noogling but not nearly as regularly as would be expected. I definitely have irreversible moobs now. If I pump daily, I can sport an honest B cup but if I slack off they reduce to a cute blossoming A cup but certainly not what I'd like permanently.

For those that want to UP their game a bit, for $33 this vacuum pump kit will mechanize your activities and reduce some of the frustrations of the hand pump. It is not large but will definitely pull the vacuum needed. With this new gadget to streamline my efforts, I hope to feel compelled to pump more frequently.
I had ordered this weeks ago and have eagerly awaited delivery. It just arrived today and I am all ready very pleased with the product. I find myself prompted to come here and share a tip with the community.

NOTE: hooked up right out of the package, it's really noisy. Some rubber feet from home depot beneath the corners and four screws fastening it a scrap of wood will quiet it by 50%. It's never going to be silent but sitting loose on a piece of furniture it makes a heavy buzz.
Also there is no switch. You plug the connectors together and it comes on; pull them apart and it shuts off. A person that modestly handy could work a switch into the mix with little effort.
If you go look at the link you will see this a basic assembly. Some mechanical skill would be usefull but it's pretty self explanatory for someone with two thumbs to take out of the box and start noogling: no tools are required to use it.


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Hi Dina
Its good to hear of your adventures with the electric vacuum pump. I used one just like you have and went through the noise damping process. Until recently that seemed to be the only format of pump that you could get to fit in this type of project. Through careful sifting I've found that this one you can get on Amazon is a quieter version with plenty of power In fact thats the one which is, relatively quietly, enlarging my breasts as I type this. If you add a few extra components to your project you can literally sit back and let it work on you with a constant comfortable vacuum. The main component is a pressure sensor/transducer which can supply a control voltage to a microprocessor or transistor logic controller. You should be able to look up the component from the ref on the diagram. Keep posting how you get on and I'll gladly supply more info.
x Ari


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Hi Dina,
Let me compliment you. You have lovely breasts and a really great pair of nipples. I an in about the same situation as you. Progressive Breasts and nice nipples a bit wider than yours.
Stay in touch


Now hopefully by tomorrow or Friday I will be able to get my own noogleberry...yes to help me get bigger breast and some big nips. Lol here want I'm working on now


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