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I’ve been pumping for about a year now and just stumbled across this forum! I’ve always been self conscious about my boobs and I’m finally starting to love them! I guess I hated mostly that I have wide set boobs and it was nearly impossible to find bras that were comfortable. Now I can go to a larger size if a bras uncomfortable and actually fill out the cup!!! Starting out I barely filled out a 34B but it was most comfortable. After 3 months of pumping I developed a full 34C! I was amazed at my results then and well now if my bf isn’t here to hold my boobs cuddling me I am lol ;) After that I stopped for a growth kinda tapered off, life with my daughter got busy, and My bf was at my house a lot more. Let’s just say I was a little embarrassed to noogle around him. I decided to start BO supplements so I didn’t lose my new growth. Too my surprise they worked a little too well. In 5 months I was measuring at a 32D! Since then I came out to my fb about noogling and Started again. A little over 3 months later I am now a 34DD!!! I plan to go on a diet and loose some weight I put on 2 years ago. But I’m afraid of loosing my hard work! I’m hoping with the noogling and the BO supplements I can keep my current size. My goal is a 34E or DDD :)


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wonderful! what size of cups did you use at the beginning? Did you change them? (sorry for my english....)


bonjour de puis 5ans presque tout les jours je me masse les seins avec fenugrec huile de massage tu me tient au courant de ton évolution


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