My Wife Would FREAK-OUT to find a Penis Pump.



I've had other pumps, but was discovered by my wife. She was bent out of shape thinking I spent 25 to 30 US dollars on a demented sex toy!!

But now that my cheap pumps have been confiscated by my wife over a year & a half ago, I really miss how the pumps helped me feel more sure of myself. Isn't that odd how wacky we guys get over the size of our willeys?? I REALLY would like to get Noogleberry pump for myself, but where to hide the thing.
So... what should I do? She thinks of them as "Nasty" and "Sicko", and made me feel like a creep for wanting to use a pump.

But I can see the value of these well manufactured pumps on this site, they are so well made, that I'm VERY reluctant to pass it by. My confidence was really boosted knowing my Manhood was larger from past pump sessions.

Any similar situations out there that can help!?? I discovered one of the ladies whom is Breast Pumping hides the fact from her boy friend. But I didn't come across any accounts of guys having to hideout and use their "Male" pumps in secret away from their spouse or girl friend.

I'm not a weird sex freak, I just would like to have a larger, more satisfying Penis.... PLEASE HELP


Jiiiizzz...this is not easy.

You dont think you can try explain her so that this subject can be accepted by her as well ???
If you don't have a place or a way to hide it then you just need to confront with the situation and hope she will understand. The outcome of using the pump should be a win-win situation to you both ;D ;D

Good luck,


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WOW, I use to sell sex toys, I supplied adult shops and I have NEVER heard of a wife complaining about their men pumping! Most of them try to push their men to :D I agree that it should be a win win situation. Maybe it's the lack of communication between you both, that is what I'm suspecting. Maybe she feels you are not doing it to also please her, maybe she feels you have alternative motives and this could be making her feel this way. I would sit down and talk to her, explain your feelings ask for hers about it and try to come to a mutual understanding, make the pumping playful if she does agree to it, like a game, how big will I be in this session? Get her to measure you, makes it more of a couple thing rather than just a you thing. When I use my breast pump my hubby finds it interesting lol, he wants to see how far in the cups I go LOL, then he likes to measure me, we make it a game. If he were to decide to use a penis pump, we would do the same thing, make it a game, eventhough I am happy with the size he is, if he wanted to do it I would support his decision. And he said he is happy with my breasts the way they are, but he supports my decision to pump and try to increase them. We have alot of communication in our marriage, and I think that maybe there isn't enough in yours? I don't know, hope this helps hun and hope it works out. I think alot of times women get mad when you do it behind their back without talking to them first and making them apart of it.
I agree with Anastasia, maybe you should talk to her first. If she still wont support it, then try to find a place where she would never look. maybe in your bag in a cupboard? maybe keep it with you hidden at all times. i hope it goes good for you