A lovely brand-spanking new pair of cl's arrived this morning - Am so Pleased. Can't wait to get them on later, will be much more careful this time! ;D


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good morning dear Flatty,

Honey, I soooooooooooooo verrrrrrrrrrrry happy for you. I really could feel your pain, and now I know how very happy you must be. This is a very good way to wake up in the morning to find you pleased. Hugs and love darling Natty :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*


O. M. G. I just got the CL and it is the bomb! Was a little concerned as the Ls have only just fit me and easily deflate (w/ the insulation padding), but I only ordered one to try it. NOW I am going to buy another just to pump both CLs at once!

Thanks so much to the team that got this to work. I have a feeling it will change everything and I am really hopeful that being able to pump easier will finally get me some substantial growth. Also, big thanks to Lucy for your dedication to all us 'growing' women and phenomenal customer service.


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flatty_natty said:
Lovers of the CL - feel my pain :'(

My own stupid fault but still V sad.

Does anyone have tips on preventing this? I would be so sad if it happened & want to take precautions!!


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I just ordered my first NB set. I ordered the contoured NB set and an extra set of M domes to start with. As soon as i receive my order i am on my way to bigger boobies (well, i hope so)



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I am new to the world of NB (just ordered my NB last night) and I am still confused on what cup I should've ordered. I have an over bust of 36 and underbust of 24 (very small 36A/34B with pads). I ordered the CL's thinking it would fit me but am a little anxious now that I see most of you have started with the M's working your way up. I guess my question is, Can you start with the CL's and still achieve results?

Matt B

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Hey Lana,it may be real close.Did you measure your chest according to the NB page?The cups may be too wide for both at the same time. You'll know in about a week or so!!LOL

Keep us posted, Matt ;)--Nice having you here.


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I consider my selfe to be a very advanced user of this type products and have a very impressive set of DDDs to show for it. I recently purchased a set of the Xtra large and a set of the Xtra Xtra large Domes. My daily routine consists of a couple hours with the Xtra large sets and then a couple more hours with the Xtra Xtra large sets. When I start my session with the Xtra large set, my nipples which are extreemly large already from previous pumping, Almost touch the bottoms of the domes and after an hour or so, they are touching the bottoms and the domes are almost full of my breast tissue. When I switch to the Xtra Xtra large set, my nipples almost touch and do touch within approximately an hour or 45 minutes. I also nicie that the domes are almost full of breast tissue and I thing within the comming months the XX domes will be completely full of breast tissue. Naturally there is some shrinkage between sessions but I've noticed that my DD bra is maxed out and my E bra is starting to fit nicely. My goal is to be a permanent DDD/E or maybe larger with no sag. I modifided the base of the XX domes for more comfort and found the optional seals to be useless. Attached photo was taken yesterday with my 40DDD/E Lavinia bra.


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On my way to bigger boobies
Hello beautiful ppl :)

I'm a newbie I have been pumping for a week and
Have already filled the large cups do I will have to order the
Extra large , just wanted to say hi and I will upload pics later .