New noogler!


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Hi everyone!

So I am purchasing a Noogleberry tomorrow and wanted to post my stats, too, and say hi to the community!

I'm 32, no kids, a 34C (but nowhere near full), 5'4" and 108 lbs. I started on this path because I've never loved my boobs, and I'm a glamour model, so everyone around me has implants, and I'm jealous of the lovely round shape but don't want implants - I'd rather have my own boobage.

I have slightly tuburous breasts. They're not that bad, but they're a far cry from round. I have no cleavage unless I hike my boobs up, and I LOVE the shape I have in a VS Miraculous bra, but I'd like to keep it without the bra (or at least SOME of it!). And occasionally I can feel an indent between the aeriola and the breast, so I'm pretty positive I have some packed tissue in there. I'm currently on PM (been on for two weeks) and I've seen some growth, but I do dislike my deflated, slope-y shape.

I honestly don't care too much about growing (though as my name says, I'd love to be a full D!), I more care about changing shape and adding fullness and cleavage - which is what I see the NB is best for. I've read that many of you had shape change and inflation first, growth after, which would be a great success for me. So even if I didn't grow an inch, if I rounded out and filled in the over boob and some underboob, I'd be thrilled!

I think I'm being pretty realistic in my expectations, so hopefully it'll go well! :D


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Hey Idream,
I find it interesting that so many of us new to the forum recently already have average to large breasts, and I have to say that after just under a month of using it that I'm sure you'll reach your goal! I'm looking to make mine rounder and fuller as well--I have more "slope" than I'd like.

Hopefully you're system arrives soon. Are you starting out with the larges?

And I'd actually love to hear more about your glamour modeling too--it's something I've always considered but never known anything whatsoever about the whole industry/getting started/etc. Do you make a living or is it a on-the-side-thing (that sounds suspicious, sorry haha)? If I reach my body goals, I might make it a point to try it out as something new (if that's realistic, of course).



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Hi barbie11!

Nice to meet you. :) And thank you! I hope so!

I recently posted in the pics section and got wrapped up in it, forgetting about this post! Sorry it took so long to reply.

Yes, I do model for a living. I also do side projects as well that aren't modeling, but I do magazine covers, designer clothes, alternative fashions, etc. Funny enough I always get chosen to do work for corsets because I appear to have such an hourglass shape (and I do in well-fitted bras) but not really without, because as I said, I'm not full. So instead of the nice 36-24-34FULLC, it's 36-24-chicken cutlets! LOL

I started on model mayhem. Check it out, it's great! And I met some amazing photographers who submitted me to a million things, and viola! Work.

I've been noogling now for a little over a week, and I'm getting some amazing swelling (it's not like 2 inches or anything, but it seems "fuller" looking). I'm really happy with the way they look swollen, so I'm hoping with continuous use I'll at least get that, which would be awesome. Good bye slope!

I'm doing 2 hours a day separately, and the second hour is usually where the best swelling happens.


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Don't worry about response times, I'm in no hurry haha. Thanks for the response, though. It's all very interesting to me. But hey, I'd rather need "cutlets" that I had the potential to grow than go the fake route! Definitely worth the work it takes and I bet everyone with fake boobs will soon be jealous of YOU instead.

I do about an hour of noogling a day (for the lat 4 weeks-ish) and, like you, get the "fuller" look as opposed to the ridiculous swelling some people get (I'll get about .25", mayyybe .5"). I just graduated to the XLs a few days ago. Still, it's so exciting to take off the domes and see "what might be" haha. I'll be interested in hearing if the swelling pattern stays that way for you as the weeks go by. For some reason I have it in my mind that if you swell more modestly (like just have the fuller look), that you might grow permanent tissue more consistently. But I have no reasoning behind that haha--just high hopes that it's true.

Maybe we'll end up being "similar responding buddies" if things go the same way. I've already noticed some differences that seem to be permanent since I go 24 hours between sessions. Although I can't say for sure that they're all from NB as I also have been taking BB. I'd like to think some of it is due to NB though. Keep us posted!


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Me too - I really don't want fake boobs. I am pretty holistic generally in the way that I live, and putting something fake in me... I don't like it. And I don't need boobs at my chin, I'm happy to keep a natural shape as long as the bottom looks full and not the same as above and deflated, KWIM?

I've noticed that if I measure, it's pretty much the same as when I don't noogle. But I definitely know that my boobs are widening out, because just last week I had a terrible time trying to keep suction with the CLs, and now, they go on easily and I can see in the domes that I fill the sides now. If that's not permanent, then why would it last well into the next day? I mean, wouldn't I have the same problem? So something's happening, and they look wider, etc. My husband has also noticed that they definitely feel heavier and larger in my hand, too, as weird as that may sound. So I really feel something's going on in there. :D

Yay to the XLs!!! I'm about half way up the CLs, but again, it isn't full the whole way, it more comes to a cylinder - I don't know if that makes any sense. But basically they don't hit the sides closer to the middle of the domes. I think I'll keep these for quite a while, as they go to an E cup or something. If I'm an E, I can stop. :D

I am also on PM and PM cream, and Anastasia told me that she believes when you take herbs as well as NB, you more fill in before you fill out. So instead of massive swelling like some get without taking anything internally, it's like, they work together to fill the gaps inside the breast tissue, before it starts really spilling out. And she's been noogling for two years, and went up two cup sizes, plus corrected tuburous breasts, which I felt mine were slightly (although OMG I am getting underboob!! WOOHOO!!!!). So she's an amazing resource.

Yay, my NB twin!!!


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Yeah I think we're in the same boat--probably widening out right now as opposed to growing outwards because I had that same problem with not fitting the XL's at first. Exciting!

And yeah I know what you mean with the cylinder effect. I wonder if I should have gone with the CL's but I figure I'll stick to this for now. It's funny, with the XL's I can't even see my skin hitting the sides of the domes because they're so wide at the base haha. But the CL's and the XL's seem like they produce a similar effect.

Let me know how the PM/PM cream works for you, too! I can't do PM pills since I'm on BO currently, but I've been thinking about using the cream since topical and internal methods can be used separately. I agree with you (and Anastasia) about the supplements, too. They just feed into each other. It's really amazing what you can do the natural way. Great to hear about the underboob!! haha. Next stop: overboob.


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Overboob! Overboob would kick butt! :D

I really LOVE PM. Internally, it's cleared my skin completely, hair and nails are great, and just overall mood lift. Even if it did nothing for my boobs, I'd still take it. And the cream definitely helps. I didn't notice much change in size but I'd only been taking it a few weeks, however, it made my skin firmer, which was great, and pretty much immediate.