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oooh, I feel a bit late here and like I am just repeating what others have said but, hey. Them boobs there - they's FAB - A - LUS!

Congratulations, your growth is VERY noticeable, we all have to look at our boobs day in, day out and so we don't quite see the improvment and then, even when it's obvious in the photos it is still hard to see, when it is your boobs. But let me tell you girlie, they look absolutely MARVE.

;D ;D ;D


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it's been about a month since my last 'report'

i've almost stopped noogling completely... not because i want to, but because i've been busy... there was honestly a point in the beginning where i was like 'how can someone not have time to noogle?!' now i know... :cp

i'm noogling as we speak though... trying to make just a little more time to do it every day... because lately i've been doing it every 3/4 days or so... not enough for growth.

at the height of my swelling though my nipples were coming out of my new 32D bra, which is nice and annoying at the same time ;)
32D bras are hard to shop for... 32DD bras might be impossible. we'll see. i'd die and go to heaven if i could fit into a 34D. ... that's still my goal... even if it's not the correct band size. loli just want to be able to put it on with my boobs fitting into the cups without gaps.

that'll be the day!


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To be busting out of a D is an achievement Nik1. Congratulations. Bet you never thought you would be hacked off with your boobs being too big!

Good luck with your goal of a 34D. Why don't you look for 32DD's on eBay?

Congratulations again, don't leave it so long before your next update !! :-* ;D


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lol I'll try to post more often. ;)
The thing is... they don't feel that big. i swear, when i look in the mirror, i feel like i should be in a B or something... i guess my idea of D is just way misconstrued. my boobs don't even jiggle that much. I want the jiggle! :)

And i did look on ebay, and they're 32DDs were mostly awful... Bra's above D's usuallly look unflattering... but they've got a lot of 34Ds... I still have a long way to go before I can get into those... but I've started pumping every day again so hopefully I'll see some progress soon... I'd like to think that I just gave my boobs some "recharge" time... Because they've been responding very nicely to the noogling so far.

I bought my 32D's online... It's tricky because I'm pretty picky about my bras so I don't like buying them online :c/ but if they're name brand and 10$ I can't be too sour about it :)

Also, I'm going to keep trying to post pics from time to time, if there's a significant change that I'm happy about.

Unfortunately, I've put back on 3 or 4 of those pounds I've just lost. Ugh. CONSTANT STRUGGLE :p BUT! my husband just bought Kinect for his xbox... It's like a wii but better... so hopefully I won't have a problem getting back to my happy weight.


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I know I'm a little late on the bandwagon here, but congratulations on your results! Your growth looks amazing! I understand being uncomfortable with having pictures up on the web, so thanks for sharing them (at least for a little while) to give inspiration to the rest of us. :)

And if you think finding 32 band sizes are hard, just try 30... hahaha


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Yeah, i think you have been too negative and expecting fast results... u got to let it go and relax, enjoy the pumping faithfully and your breasts will response faster! The mind plays a huge part too.Dr Joe Vitale said, The brain doesnt know any difference between reality or imagination!! He is a brain scienctist. Visual your breast size D! Just imagine and FEEL it. Feel the JOY flooding within you that You have the most amazing size D boobs! ten mins a day of this everyday will help!

I love your tits!

keep noogling and I KNOW you will GET D CUPS



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i swear i dont mean to come off as rude but.. u must be either blind or crazy not to notice the growth! (its a compliment i swear lol)
i was reading through ur whole thread before i saw an pics and when i did my eyes bulged out! i was expecting to only see a difference in shape and barely any growth but WOW! do u not remember posting that u were a classic B and now ur actually fitting into a D cup? i think its just because over a 10 month period the growth has been so gradual that u couldn't notice the difference, but i dont understand how u can say u havent grown that much now? after comparing ur pics i mean.. oh well. good luck on reaching the DDs, it will probably take time but u will! ad ur not the only person who said they expected to look bigger at Ds, everyone that reached a C/D expected it to look bigger so dont get discouraged


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thank you cateyes lol
i can see some growth after comparing :) i admit. but i am a really slow responder and it does get discouraging sometimes when you think about all of the time you put into it for so little.
i've technically gone up one cup size, really, because i went down a band size.. (apparently i was wrong the whole time. oops :cp)

but if i can take anything away from this... noogleberry has definately helped the shape of my boobs! i'm more grateful for that than anything else.

last night i was talking to three guys, who all said they prefered smaller breasts. i laughed a little on the inside... if they had any idea what i was up to! but, i don't do it for anyone but me :) i want "cow udders that get in the way" as they called them. lol


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Feeling pretty good about my chest today! :)


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If I had your size of breast I would feel great every day!!!!!!! ;)
Your breasts look AMAZING dear!!!! I wish for those kind of breasts!!!!
Keep up the hard work hun!!!!
Thank you for the update!!!
:-* :-* :-*


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Ohhhhhhhhhhh Nik, Wow and WOW

I'm soooooo happy for you. I know how you have felt, and certainly looking at your boobs this time, you look absolutely stunning my dear. I really see major improvement. don't stop now hun.. Mama J :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*


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i'm not sure if i mentioned... but i took apart the domes and i only pump one boob at a time now... i think the suction is better that way. and its neat because i can really see how much swelling i get when i take it off the first boob.

anywho... i've been trying to do it at least 10 minutes a day on each boob... not a lot i know... but i still seem to be getting a little growth from it.

i feel like some of the girls on here that had very successful growth didn't pump as often/as hard/ as long as some of the other girls... maybe it's a good thing because it gives your breast tissue more time to heal and adjust? just brainstorming...

i tried on a this black bra i've had for years... i WISH i saved the picture i took at the beginning of the summer. i honestly thought i would never have cleavage in this bra... and my boobs are starting to get too big for it. it's a 34C :) very exciting!


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Nik, I agree with you, I do not pump everyday, since I find it difficult to find the time, I noticed more growth when i pump every now and then, Its strange! I do not notice more growth if I pump everyday. a little break regularly does help. :)

Love your breasts and I hope I will achieve like you...

cheers and all the best


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Nik, I have to agree, I've noticed that too, looking around the forum. I'm not sure quite what the pattern is, when it becomes beneficial to let off a bit. Some people swear by multiple long sessions a day, but I've noticed that some of the big growers did it just once a day or off and on..

Your chest looks great. :) Grats


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bras are weird.

so my friend texts me and asks me what size bra i wear. i proudly say i wear a 32D :cp
she knows what i've been doing... I don't tell a lot of people, but I stare at her boobs a lot and she knows I have an issue lol
She wears a 34dd. She said she had a 34c she didn't fit into anymore and I said I'd take it :) why not?

when i got it, the label on the back read 34D. so she was mistaken and I didn't think I'd be able to fit into that massive bra.

well, ladies, it happens to fit quite snuggly.
but the thing is.. my boobs haven't gotten any bigger, at least I didn't think so... So my question is, does it look like it fits to you? I just don't even believe this! i still don't feel like i should be in a D cup. Because 34D was my goal size..... So it looks like I'll be aiming for a DD now :D!!!!!!

(forgive the weird pose... covering up tattoos)


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Gosh, it really does look like it fits! Congrats on your growth, it seems. :)
It's a really cute bra, too.


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HI !!!!
In my opinion, That bra fits you just right.(and it's cute too).
If I may ask; where was it purchased ?? I would love to have one
like it, In a different color & size.
Congratulations on the growth.
Stay safe, and have some fun, As the boobie fairy is comming
around to see you soon. She sneaks up on you when least expected !!!