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I started with noogleberry on February 2011

I left the forum for a while and now I'm here again. Just wanted to see if I get motivated into sticking to my noogling since I did take a break with my next cups.

I started off with the large cups and I was able to find the picture I first posted before I began with noogling which was this one:


After noticing that I really didn't feel I had more "pull" from the large cups I bought the XL's and I will be honest! These were a bit of a pain for me, so I think somewhere along the road I kind off laid off for a while.

I would feel that I wasn't seeing much effect from the XL's as I did with the large. But maybe it's all in my head. I decided to stick to it and "start over" I have been using the XL's every night for about almost two hours.

I saw myself in the mirror and I felt I hadn't really gained any noticeable difference but something did happen because my tape measure indicates I am at 37 inches and I started off at 34. I took this picture and decided to let others be the judge of whether I'm a bit fuller or rounder at least.


I don't know, I feel perhaps something did happen but when comparing the before and after I don't see much of a difference.

Mumma Bear

3 inches is a huge amount of difference and you can see it at the sides. See in your first pic how the edge of your breasts is the same as the edge of your chest? In the second pic they curve a lot more beyond the sides. If you had a pic taken from the side you would notice it more in the pic. Well done!!
yes, your breasts are bigger, you do not notice it because you grow with it every day, it is a process that you are a part of and since it happens every day, you cant tell really a difference.


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I'm sorry girls, I take long to reply, I try not to focus so much on it so that I won't get even more desperate about growing.

Well... I really know I'll sound so dumb saying this but I think I don't know much about sizing!

I just turned 20 and before noogleberry I just used what seemed to fit, which back then was a small B (Or so I think I was that size).

I also thought that each inch meant one more cup up, does it?
, because if it does then I really don't understand, I started off at 34in back in February 2011, I'm now 4 inches bigger, or at least that's what my measuring tape tells me, but I don't really "feel it". I know that from my point of view I may not notice it, but I really did think each inch meant a cup, does it or does it not?

I just checked back and I noticed that last time I wrote here, I was at 37 inches...I am now at 38 inches (Yes I have stayed at 38inches for days and weeks without noogling).

I get a little bummed out because in my thoughts I previously believed that by the time I hit 38inches I'd be much much bigger, like a full C cup... But again like I said I never knew much about proper sizing, when I found out about Noogleberry I was still in the mind of a young girl who thought anything bigger than her current breast at the time would really mean bigger cup sizes. So I do admit I didn't know and may not really know much about how the sizing works. I think the shape also has a lot to do with the way growth shows up differently from woman to woman. (no?)

Some guidance would be nice from those more expert on the sizing thing.


Your results are very evident! Like someone else said.. *scrolls down*... as Mumma bear said, you can see your breasts had taken on a much rounder shape and they actually spill over on the sides. When you were thinking of growth, you probably think of outward growth and pictured your boobs shooting out like torpedoes :D But seriously, it's very clear you have grown lots and your shape is better. Also, in your first picture, one of your breasts looks bigger than the other (it's up higher on your chest as well). In t he second picture, that difference is non-existent. I don't know if you made a conscious effort to even them out, but you did. As someone who wants to even her breasts out, I find that very very impressive. Do not get discouraged. The difference is very obvious. Take some side boob pics too! :p


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Thank you Kat!

Yes you are extremely right, I like the way my breast seem to be rounding out but I guess I was expecting the torpedo effect you mentioned :D :D :D hehe, that's probably the reason why I felt confused.

I will definitely star posting side view pictures as well as soon as I get the chance!


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I think I gained more fullness, plus I am now an inch more when I measure, I hadn't noogled much since last time I wrote (I take breaks)

I measured myself various times, different days, and I really think that new inch is growth. (Nothing to do with my cycle either)


And my swelling is much more prominent and rounder which does make me think I really did gain that inch, and well I can suction past the mark I was used to getting at.

Matt B

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Hi Dreaming,they look great,what a difference! Rounder and fuller. ;D See,dreams do come true.

Happy Noogling,MATT B


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Thank you both!

Tatiana I know! I've had my moments along the road where I felt I wasn't getting anywhere, but I see I was wrong, specially since I'm keeping track with pictures.


Wow! The swelling picture, absolutely incredible! Your boobs look so round, full and heavy! Lovely results! You should be very made up. Please update us soon gal! <3


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holy cow
such a big difference!
do you use any supplements? or massage your breasts from time to time?
cus your boobies are lookin' realllllllll big


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Hey girl! I found with me, the CL's caused my boobs to "stick out" more but not necessarily be too much bigger in height and width. I think that is the case with you, since in the 2nd set of pics they look ENORMOUS when you can see some 3-D! do you have a before pic from the side? I think that would show you the best results.

Btw your boobage is incredible.