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Hey everyone, I'm oodellaly. This is a great forum. When I first heard of NB on the breastnexus site, I was incredibly certain that I would never get one... I mean, the whole idea of suctioning my breasts made me think of that scene from 'Austin Powers' and just seemed ridiculous. But after hearing of so many satisfied customers there, reading the posts on this forum, and doing some research, I finally thought I'd give it a try. I'm definitely not going to pass up something that has a good chance of working for me! Just ordered it with medium cups and it's in the mail. In the meantime, here are some of my stats:

Age: 25.5
Height: 5' 3.75"
Weight: 96-100 lbs
Breast Size: Haven't measured exactly, but I think I'm a small 32A or a 32AA
Other Info: I'm a mother of 1 child who I breastfed consistently for approximately 10 months and ballooned up to at least a C with the milk. Now I've deflated back to my original size, maybe a bit smaller, definitely a bit saggier (esp. the nipple part). I'm also just now starting a BO routine that includes some other things like bovine pituitary and adrenal, lots of whey protein, EPO, kelp, l-tyrosine, spirulina, biotin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and regular vitamin/mineral supplements. I'm mostly veggie, even though I'm taking BO, but I eat fish. Have always had small chest and thin body even though I sometimes eat more than people twice my size. :D

Anyway, I'll try to keep posting updates on how it's going once I get my NB. I heard it can be difficult for people who are starting out pretty small, but maybe since I breastfed and I'm taking BO I will have good success. Fingers crossed...


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Good luck to you!

Reading your post sounded exactly like me. The idea, at first, of suctioning was actually pretty funny. And no way it would actually work. Then I read through all of the success stories, viewed the galleries and though, "Wow! Definitely worth a shot!"

It'll be interesting to see the progress since we have similar stats.


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Hi oodellaly,
I thought the same thing about noogleberry! I actually encountered it a few years back and said "Nah.." and I can't help but wonder what my breasts would look like now if I had just been more open-minded then..
I wish you the best of luck - remember not to overnoogle, you don't want to damage the tissue and end up having to take time off!
Hopefully you'll respond well since you've had larger breasts in the past and the tissue might be more amenable to "stretching"
Keep us updated on your progress! :)


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Hi Oodellaly
I felt similar to you when I heard about breast pumps. Now I wish I had known about this years ago even though I appear to be a slow responder. It is still worth having a go. Sue


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Thanks for the comments and support, everyone. Still waiting for my NB to arrive :-\ But the good news is that I have been feeling soreness this first week of starting my BO regimen. Hopefully that's a good sign and I will be an even quicker responder including that as well.

So yeah... even though the idea of using NB is still odd for me and kind of gives me the giggles, if it works for reversing post-baby damage, i'm totally gonna recommend it to all the women in my family. Even though i'd be embarrassed to tell them i used a breast pump, i'd really only be embarrassed for them to know about it if it hadn't worked! But if it does, well... they can make fun and laugh all they want at my nice, round, firm, substantially larger boobs ;D

Just thought I'd add that I don't think I'm going to measure myself using a tape measure during this process, but I will take pictures for my own reference, possibly to post. And hopefully comparing my breasts with pictures and relative to how they fit in my bras will be enough of a gauge.

Will update next after I actually receive my NB 8)


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Hi Dear!!!
I'm sorry that I am only now posting on your thread :-[
Welcome to this big family!!!! I'm so happy you decided to give the NB a go... :)
I was exactly like you when I was reading the breastnexus forum...I was thinking that a breast pump is a stupid idea!!!To pump your breast?! ha?!
but after 2 weeks or so...I couldn't help my self and I placed the order! :) I was so so so exited when I did. You can see the excitement on my YouTube video. :)
I'm sure you will have great results from using the NB!
Remember to be very very patient. Rome wasn't built in one day...right? It takes time...I will give the NB at least 1 year to 2 years...
You have a great routine.
I am taking BO as well. I have the BB. What brand are you taking?
I also take Spirulina,MSM,Maca,Flax seed oil and Iodoral.
Gosh! I never thought I will take so much supplements...but they are all healthy.
why are you taking the biotin???
I hope you will get your NB fast!!!! :)
Good Luck Dear!!!
Oooo...and congrats on your soreness.


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Hi Eva, thanks for the welcome! I think i saw your youtube video opening the NB box. I can't wait to do that! Looks like you started not too long ago either and are having success, so I'll be interested to follow your progress.

To answer your question, i'm taking generic BO... the brand is "Natural Sources" and i got it from luckyvitamin. I just started the routine this week so some of my supplements haven't arrived yet. Got the rest from Amazon. When they're all here, I'll be taking:

bovine ovary
bovine pituitary
bovine adrenal
Natrol Biosil
collagen type I and III
hyaluronic acid plus collagen type II
green vibrance
whey protein shakes
papaya enzyme

Phew! Sounds like a lot when I put it that way. Not all of those things are just for the booby project though. All are good for overall health, so I'm sure they will contribute. The biotin is necessary for cell growth and helps you have nice skin, hair, nails, joints, etc. I'm definitely no expert but from what I've read it just seems to keep everything all lubed up and youthful. A lot of girls were adding it to their booby projects as well so I decided to try it. If nothing else, i could use thicker hair :D I'm only taking small doses of all the extra stuff, like one pill per day, to keep my temperature up and stuff like that. I'll have to play with the doses for BO, but right now I'm up to taking 1600 mg per day. On top of all that, I'll be doing NB, so if my boobs don't grow then something is seriously wrong!


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OOO...Wow!!! Lot's of supplements! :)
I thought I was taking to much... ;)
I'm sure it will work!!! remember...give it time. ;) o.k.?
Good Luck hun!
I can't wait to see your progress!


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Guess what arrived in the mail today... ;D

Only took 5 days to east coast USA! Gonna put my son to bed, give it a go, and then post what happened.


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ooohhhh u r so lucky i can't wait to get mine still waiting patiently ::) lol goodluck on your nb journey ;D


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Darling, sorry to butt in, but taking those many vitamins and minerals, will just overload your body.. the body will get confused and it will cause a detox shock! It will cause severe mood swings! I am taking MSM and GABA. Thats all I do ad NB is plenty! I know Ive been there and I started to get bad bad mood swings.. also its very bad for your liver!

Good luck and take it easy


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Hey guys, thanks for your comments and interest! It's very encouraging to have people follow my progress. Gaia, thanks for your concern and personal insight. I think I'll be ok for now with all the supplements because at least half of them are basically just like eating vegetables or certain other foods. Spirulina, kelp, chlorella, the green vibrance, papaya enzyme, whey, gelatin, even the collagen are all just stuff you normally get from your diet. The other stuff i'm not really taking huge amounts of either, so we'll see how it goes. But I'll definitely be sure to keep an eye on how my body is reacting :)

Alright, time to give a brief on my first session! Well, I'd love to say I just popped it out of the box and started pumping away, but add me to the list of people who started out rough. I just couldn't for the life of me get both cups to stay on. Sat there and foolishly fumbled around for like one hour trying to stick the damn things to my chest, and when i finally would get one or the other to stay, i would move one inch and then.... FFFFFFFFF! Stupid farts. Well, fast forward a bit and i finally got them both to stay on. Watching that video tutorial on here helped. Maybe also because by then my boobs were slightly more swollen from the half-pumping i'd been doing, so they had a better chance of staying in, who knows.

So now here i sit with the cups somehow still miraculously on. I'd say I've totaled about an hour or two. It's an interesting new physical sensation. At first I hated the feeling, but they actually feel kind of good now - sore and tingly and full. I am kind of a masochist though, so take that with a grain of salt :D As for technique, not releasing much air or anything... just pumped them and let them stick on. I'm glad i got the medium cups because if the base circumference of the cups were any smaller, they probably wouldn't fit around my boobs. I bought the soft cup rings too, but not using them yet; if i barely got the thing to stay on without them, there is no way i'm going to be able to add another variable to this process right now. Maybe with more practice i'll be able to use them. In the meantime, i'm worried that the ring indentation around the bottom part of my boob is going to bruise :-\ We'll see.

Anyway, that's my first NB experience in a nutshell. I think my biggest obstacle is going to be consistency. I have a tendency to start out projects very motivated and then just drop off to nothing :-\. Hopefully having people follow me will be motivating though... I hate to let people down! So yeah, stay on my ass people. I'll post an update when there are any significant changes or interesting developments.


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Grats on getting both domes on at the same time. That's an accomplishment in and of itself. I've been noogling for about 5 months and still can't do it! ;)

Good luck and I hope you grow the boobies you want so badly!


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Thanks Lily! Getting them both on is still kind of hit or miss... i seem to have way more trouble getting the cup to stick on my left boob, which is slightly larger than the right one. I would figure it would be the other way around, but ??? Oh well, i'm sure i'll get the hang of it. Right boob also seems to swell up more than the left. I think it just likes the NB better :D

So i tried noogling early this morning around 6AM before anyone was awake, and i just sat reclined in bed and listened to some hypnosis mp3s with the cups on for almost an hour, which was nice. I might try falling asleep that way. I'm pretty sure the underside of my left boob is bruised from the cup and it's kind of uncomfortable though, especially if i wear a bra. I also noticed a few little red blood vessel pops, and it seems today that the ring marks are still there from this morning too... I hope they go away! :( I'm gonna try to learn to use the soft rings. More updates later.


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hi my partner helped me figure out a way to get the cups on u pinch 1 of the hoses to a cup with a peg attach the other 1 and when that 1 is attached and pumped enough pinch that 1 off and then put the other 1 and pump when they are both attached take the peg off and off u go i hope this makes sense lol :)


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hi my partner helped me figure out a way to get the cups on by myself close off one of the hoses with a peg put the other cup on and pump when thats attached pinch off the hose to that one so no air can escape then put the other on when that is attached then take the peg off hope this makes sense and helps :D


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hey dee, thanks for the tip. I tried using a binder clip (i think spaztikchic recommended that) and it worked alright too, so maybe i will try that again instead of trying to hold the tube bent with my forearm while fumbling with the other cup. I think i also noticed the cup won't stick at first if my arms aren't against my body, but i can raise my arms up after a while. Gotta keep practicing...