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My husband has ED. The local Dr's don't seem to really take this seriously. From what I read onlne, this could be the warning sign of heart disease. I am quite concerned. We have always had a more than wonderful sex life, and while I am saddened at the thought of loosing that, I really don't want t loose him to a heart attack etc He is my everything. My question is... what should we be doing? A specialist? Are there options we should investigate before something really bad happens? I am a "fixer" type of person and it is not in my nature to just sit back and wait for the next shoe to drop. Any suggestions on what the first thing we should be doing would be appreciated.


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I have ED. It started not as a result of my heart attack four years ago, but 2 years ago as result of prostate cancer. My advice is; Start as soon as possible with a blood investigation for the level of the PSA marker. When it is over 4.5- 4.9 then you have to make more action to get medical advice. When that blood marker is low then let your husband go to a cardiologist.

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In my postings I give a prescription of our (my wife and I) solutions with the pumping device.