Rachel’s Pics!


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Dear Rachel, I do know that you are a male; that's why you're growth is mindboggling to me. At the same time, if you can do it, I can do it too, although, not at the rate you're going. I belong to the majority of slow and steady growers. Thanks so much.


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Morning soonenough,
thank you for your comments and I wasnt sure whther peoples realised i was male so i thought i would say but yes im doing well. I just bought some new lingerie so will put up more pics and not sure how they will look as the size i bought was a 36D so hopefully it will look ok and I will fill that cup size will keep you updated. Keep on noogling you will get to where you want to be in time hun x


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Hi Rachel, Awesome pics showing your great growth, honey! Your success is keeping me encouraged!


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Morning just thought I would pop a couple more pics in here. Hope every one is well and keep noogling .
Best Wishes
Fm Rachel


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Re: Rachels Pics!

:eek: wow... They are such beautiful boobies so u went from a to d cup? Thats crazy! But sooooo awesomeness well done, i have to pick my nb up from the post office tomarrow :D really excited to try it now id be happy with even half the progress u have :)
Btw i see u have a nipple ring is it ok with peircings?
also how long do the results last?(because mose ppl put up pics of them straight after noogling

Bunny x


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how long have you been using NB? if its from feb 14 then i'm super envy of you rachel :) but of course i'm really happy for you as well.


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Hi yes i think is was from about mid Feb and have been using this system on a daily basis anything from 1 hr - 7 hrs to get the results i have so far.
I do appreciate lovely comments and yes it is working well.
Best Wishes


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Hi No im not taking anything only using the noogler lol but i do train alot which helps to build muscle in the breast area so apart from the system and training im not doing anything or taking anything else.

Best wishes


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Re: Rachels Pics!

Hello Bunny
sorry took so long in answering you. The results i have been getting are solely due to the noogleberry system which is awsome. I dont have a problem with the piercings you just need to be carefull when placeing the cups so they sit inside the cup and flat. Or if you are worried i would take them out and put them back as soon as you have finished babes.

I would say the results last depending on how far you push the pain barrier upto 3-4 hours before they start to deflate. How ever the more times you use them the longer and more permanent the results. What i may do is put up some more pics strainght after then a few hours later for comparison if that helps you with a rough idea.

Rachel xx


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Hiya Bunny
ok as promissed i will show some pictures with a time difference so you can see hopefully the time line from using noogleberry to reduced size.

Ok the pictures may show some white liquid on my breasts all it is I use moisturisor in the cups to aid them sliding on.
The time line was from 7pm, till 1045 pm



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Woowwww !! ;D with every post they keep getting bigger and bigger in such a short amount of time!! Their beaaauutiffuull!!


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rachel u have fantastic results! and only noogling 1 month? the shape is beautiful! i wonder if it has something to do with snoogling? i should try. i really want to get my nipples pierced but i am very afraid it will interfere with noogling, im glad that hasnt been the case for you. :-*


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Thank you for your kind comments and yes i have been going since Feb but i do noogle for long period of times averaging between 1 & 7 hours to gain these results. I have now recently recived the XL Cups of which i tried for an hour and then took some pics that i have placed on here now. I tried varying bra size of which are on the picture name to show different sizes hope they look ok.
Regarding nipple piercing I honestly dont have a problem the only problem comes when i use the nipple cup and then i have to take it out for the duration then put it back on completion although this can be a little tricky.
Take care and good luck with your noogling hun x


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Hello puggleytheragdollcat

You will get there it does take time, how long are you noogling for...daily, weekly. On average I noogle every day 1 - 7 hrs long depending on my commitments for the day. Usally i do this in the evening while watching TV/DVD or working on my computor.

I find the distraction of doing something takes away the noticible pain. I have just taken posession of the XL Cups and tried them out last night for one hour and took some pictures shown in previous entry. I then kept them on for a further 4 hours before going to sleep. I sometimes even put them on at lunch time for 30-45 mins when and where i can.

I guess the answer really is the more you use it and for longer periods you will find and achieve the results you are looking for. Keep percivering hun and best of luck.

Rachel x ;)