Red dots with re pumping again


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Hello all,
I went back to my noogleberry after a clear break, used it with a separate electronic system. I'm afraid I held my boobs in it several times and it resulted in both being covered with red spots.
I was quite disappointed as doing it in the night, without any pain on pumping I didn't expect this. Now I feel anxious and worried if my boyfriend sees it in the next 5 days.
Does anyone think I'd be less likely to go overboard if I use the manual pump?
Will arnica cream help the redness deteriorate?


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Hey sade80,
Sounds like you may need to work your way up to that pressure. A lower pressure at a longer time in will offer less blisters and gains as well. Sorry to hear that happened. I only use a manual pump and it seems to work fine cause I feel when enough is enough and can back down the pressure. I wouldn't be nervous with your bf, you are on a path to improving yourself in a way you feel necessary! Best of luck.