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noogler 24

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whyyy :'( periods day 4..86cm
started at 85 cm 4 months ago
87.5cm before periods(static since about 1 n half month)
under boob72cm
i eat good..drink plenty..massage..whyy dont i groww..tried PR PH both..took 8 days off..y dont i just grow :'( :'( :'(
i look better than my day 1..i agree..but when m i gonna fill up my bra! when m i gonna have curvy breasts..why m i not growing :'( when ll i have breasts big enough to be noticable inside t.shirt or sweatr

noogler 24

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i measure a lott smaller
i feel a little less small n my bra fits are a little less looser than decrease in my measures .my breast dont look as bad in pics as measuremnt.
i m sooo confused..whether to trust measuring tape or the way my breasts feel in my hands.if i dont consider the tape i haven't lost alarming amount..but if i see measurmnt .i sure have lost almost all gain


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Hi - increases in fullness and firmness dont show up quite so much in measurements. Also when people take a full set of measurements its taken in different positions - not just standing.
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