So.. Where are you all from?


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Hi guys and gals! So i am quite curious as to where all you people are from! How many cities and countries are shared around this forum? I thought it would be fun to see :)
I am from Brisbane, QLD Australia :) twenty years of age! How about you?


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I've always wondered this too! Wondering if anyone lives near me or where some prominent members live haha. I used to be apprehensive that someone I know would catch onto my thread, but I figure the chances of that anymore are pretty slim haha.

That being said, I'm from Chicago! Just turned 21 so it's a good place to be right now haha.

I've always wanted to visit Australia, though.


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Hello, everyone~
I'm a 20 year old Ghanaian-American living in California. ^^
Hi :) I am going to be 21 this week! and when I first started this forum I was living in different country but now living in London, UK! :) I have always wanted to visit Australia and I have even considered studying there!! :)


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It's so nice that you asked this question, I was wondering too!

I'm 23, from Montreal, Quebec (Canada). Which explains my sometimes weird phrasing ;)


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I am 39 and currently living in Goldendale, WA.

I will get out someday. I've been here for 6 years. I have also lived in Northern and Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, Minnesota (Eden Prairie), Texas, and Florida.


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Canada and i have been waiting for awhile for the noogleberry to come... hopefully soon :'(, 20 years of age as well ;D
blusherr said:
I have always wanted to visit America! I have been to London and absolutely love it! If you ever come to Australia, go to Melbourne !

I would love to move to London when I finish my degree but definately want to do America!

Why Melbourne?:D
ANd what are you studying?:)


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Im currently in grand rapids Michigan , 25yo male also 25 yo female , im a MTF (male to female). uhm anything else about me jsut ask!! nice to meet you all