So.. Where are you all from?


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I am a Trans girl in Portland OR USA. Very nice to meet you all and much love to you all:) Peace &b love to you all from me Little Jazzy unicorn girl powerXOXOxoxoxo


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Great thread. Im unfortunately at the top end age 53yrs from high peak uk. Wished this had been around in my 20's.


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Good for you I'll bet you can't wait to see your breast get bigger breast are a c-cup already (small c-cup that is)
Believe it or not I feel like I’ve seen some growth already. The medium cups are now between half and three quarters full. I’ve ordered the large cups and should receive them in a week or so. Fun times for sure.


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You will have a lots of fun with your breast then ☺ ...I have the XXL ones and I get them 1/3 full and my girlfriend loves them she loves how big they are getting so some ladies like them and she one of them ❤ ♥ ...kevlovs69 (and I do love it )