to pump or suffer this E D



Hi, Just joined and am reading users comments, i have been offered a pump through my local hospital clinic,it was very expensive so i was not keen to commit large money to this if it was not suitable.I have a history of cardio vascular problem with high blood pressure,i now have fitted a stent in the left & right illiac artery to improve blood flow to my legs but still suffer the dreaded E D.
Will it be safe to use a vacuum pump do you think


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Hi aah2udoo and many thanks for your post. As long as you have no history of blood clots, the pump should be fine, very safe and effective in giving you an erection. If you are warfarin or other blood thinning products, you will have to check with you doctor as this may produce slight bruising. The chances are you are on heart tablets which prevent you from using Viagra and other such tablets as these will lower your blood pressure too much. So the pump sounds ideal. Please feel free to email me off forum if you are interested and i ll see what i can do to sort you out with the a system that will work for you at a price you can afford.

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If you think vacuum device is costly, then you can follow natural remedies to improving your erection power, otherwise you can choose medicine treatment.