What does body type have to do with it?


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Does anyone have any thoughts on how body type might affect success with noogling?

If you're an experienced noogler (or a new one) , please list your body type and perceived success/stats.

For example, does anyone think maybe "apple" types (those who gain their weight up top) have the easiest time growing new tissue? That maybe you could rank ease of noogling by body type? Of course there are many factors involved including overall health, but it might be interesting to see what everyone has to say. There are "pear" shaped people, who gain their weight lower in there body, "boyish" types who stay thin and have a hard time gaining weight, "round" shapes who gain their weight all in the middle, and I'm not sure what to call it ??? but I'll say "hourglass" for people who gain their weight evenly throughout the body. I'm in the hourglass group- I can have a voluptuous figure but have no breasts to fill it out!!

I haven't started noogling yet but would love to get some feedback from you all! Thanks! ;D


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I don't know if that actually has any influence in noogling, but it is certainly more difficult for pear shapes or skinny rulers since you have very little to begin with in general. The more tissue you begin with the better, apparently.
I am a teeny tiny pear shaped person and although NB helped me immensely I can't say I have the most amazing results or that it evened out my body. But I am getting there ;)


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I definitely think body type is a big factor in this. I have done a lot of research and it seems that gals that are "pencil" shaped, thin, with little breast tissue, have a difficult time achieving growth which is a BUMMER since I fall into that category! :(


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I'm ruler/pencil/boyish and have the same problem. I think our bodies just hate having fat anywhere so they're very resistant to gaining breast tissue.

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I'd say progress is generally slower with a thin figure. I try not to think about how quickly some nooglers seem to grow here. Patience is key!