With pics after 6 months...


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I have noogling on and off for the past 6 months following breast implants removal... I have been left with very small non existant breasts and my left breast has some dents as well... this is a very slow process for me.. I tried herbs but had side effects with each one of them so now I am just sticking to noogling and massaging with flaxseed oil. Here's a picture of where I am now... I don't fill an A cup m, not even 32inches...

I noogling with the medium ones and I just ordered the larges because the
Mediums don't seem
To be wide enough for me... any of you had more success with the large ones ?

125pounds / 5f5
Noogling for 6 months , they swell before periods and go back to 31inches after period..



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I only wore the medium ones for a week because of the same issue. Once I got the large the way it felt was kind of a shock but I got use to the pressure on my chest quickly. I’ve been noodling since July 2023 and have gained an inch so far and I have more cleavage. I also rotate PM and a herb mixture. Hope everything works out for u!


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Thank you for your reply ! The only thing I didn't try so far is the PM...which brand you use ? Thanks


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I use this one rn
Pueraria Mirifica Capsules 2000mg Daily - Breast Enhancement Pills and Estrogen Supplement for Women and Men, Breast Enlargement Pills for Women and Transgender - Breast Growth Breast Enhancer https://a.co/d/hx8lttG

I got it off of Amazon. It’s ruined my cycle which use to be normal. Now it’s like over 45 days long rather than 30, which I don’t mind sometimes tbh. Other than that I love it. I’ve noticed Improvements in my skin, vaginal health and curves. I wish I could take it the whole month but then my period would never come.


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From what I researched it is completely safe other than a few plastic surgeons saying they don’t like it. I did it and have had no issues so far


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I've been using PM and Fenugreek 2000 along with Noogling of and on for over 10 years It has been a bit sparatic but I have some great results. I know the more you pump the better results. It takes time and patience.


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Hello, thanks for sharing ! I stopped noogling it's been a week now because I got a small bruise since switching to large domes.. any of you experienced bruises ?

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Hi. You may have over pressurized a bit. I’ve gotten bruises before, they fade in time. Overwhelmed a vessel most likely. Try first using your smaller one for about ten minutes then switch to the bigger ones. It’s like priming them of sorts. I still use my 180’s to plump them up and then I switch to the 210s. I find I can expand them more than just starting out with the 210’s. Don’t let the bruise make you stop, just back off the pressure some but always keep pumping and keep your breast expanded as much as you can as often as you can. Oh, and as always, use plenty of oil, so they slide right in and don’t pull on your skin. Try using a coconut oil base, like used with essential oil, then add PM oil, any other essential oils that are good for nourishing breast growth. I mix up my own oils with probably 10 different oils in it. I also add that same oil to lotion, so I can spread lotion on anytime.