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I've been reading these forums for a while and I'm seriously considering buying a breast enhancement set. I'm just worried that my husband will judge me for trying to alter my body. I guess I'm just thinking out loud here, hoping for some support and encouragement because he's an open minded person but he might not understand. My sister recently got a breast augmentation, so I suppose it's not that taboo. We both go to the gym, for aesthetic as well as health reasons. I just want to feel confident and sexy in my body. I used to feel more satisfied with my breasts until I started spending a lot of time around more well-endowed women and I can't help but compare myself to them. Also my breast size fluctuates depending on whether I'm on birth control and it's very disheartening to see that my husband is visibly less excited about them when they're smaller.

I wish the size of my breasts didn't have so much of an impact on my self esteem but I feel optimistic about being able to grow them. I just feel conflicted about it and worry about what my husband will think. But I think I'm probably blowing it out of proportion.

If you took the time to read this, thank you. I would be interested to hear your perspective on whether you felt conflicted with starting Noogleberry and how the process has impacted your self esteem, as well as how your partner/people who know about your Noogling feel about the process.

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hi dear n welcome. :) m pretty sure he wont judge u.if u are like a b cup..i.e not so flat..u ll achieve great results so quickly n even while the growth aint permanent i.e ur 6 months havnt passed,aftr ur 1 or 2 months u ll start retaining swellng n ur boobs ll b big to show off to show off to the world n to feel confident..u MUST try this bcz it is safe n effctive..oh dear how pretty it males me feel when the boobies swell.obviously u ll feel a lott more better abt urslf ..u ll love ur body more n have more confidnt..m nt sayng A cups are not mouth watering pretty bcz all boobs are..but if u r a prsn like me who is not satisfied with their breast size n feel bad when wearng low cuts n unable to show that cleavage to ur husbnd that wd make him keep starng at boobies..dear there is no reason y u shdnt try noogle berry..n it costs reasonable and u have to give as little as 30 min a day if cant give more..obviously a lot more hrs a lot more growth..but 30 min ll not not do anythng..even 30 min ll make u grow one day..n better spnd next yr with tatas thn boobies ;) if not this yr..but yrs to come


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Good communication is everything. Approach each discussion with love and not letting judgement, self justification, self pity, resentment have any chance of getting in there - they've no place in your relationship. Good communication is everything - thats spoken to you from a male perspective - lack of it lost me my marriage (over more serious stuff than breast size!) Best wishes x A