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Hay there every one I have placed my order in on Saturday and believe it or not it's on its way already.....yes
Hey there! Ok so it’s me again.. so I was able to swell very well last night. Made sure I never went hard for too long but I would do hard and then release. Got great swelling.. woke up with some tiny little dots they aren’t as bad as the first time at all. Just a few and don’t look as red. I saw on one post that your body gets more use to it so it won’t do it as much but gosh. Feeling discouraged
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It's called "petechiae" and don't let it discourage you. It's simply the small blood vessels in your skin that have popped from too much pressure. (Bruising is large vessels bursting). I don't recommend you use as much pressure since it's not good for your skin, but it's nothing to worry about.
I have just ordered extra large contoured cups as well also foam cup rings to make it more comfortable. At present I am keeping the cups on all night to give me about 8 hours. By the way what is pm
I just bought extra large contoured which are quite a bit taller. I too wanted larger. We will see on my progress. Get the extra large foam rings as well.
Did you get my last post,:)
I don't think I did, I can't get used to this new layout!!
Hi moocow.
I was just going to let you know how I was able to have such large nipples. I would love a pic of your breasts. lol
You really have beautiful Breasts. What size cups do you use ?
Tina Allen
Tina Allen
Thank you. I use more than one type of cup. Mostly I have used the NB XXL contour cup. I use the butt cups also on my chest as well as two other sizes/ brands. They all have a differing effect on my nipples and shape of my breasts.
Noogling is my stress "bust"er. This was my original profile but forgot password and I couldn't ever get a reset. Finally did. Tina A is my active profile now.