Anyone experience sagginess or tried the NB booty pump?


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I read some posts that said their breast tissue expanded but returned to a smaller and deflated size after the swelling came down. Is this common? Would my small but firm breasts become saggy after the swelling with south turned nipples? Has any woman who started out firm experienced this? Is there a way to prevent this if it's possible?

I also have been searching for noogleberry butt pump results but I can't find any! Has anyone prone to cellulite used them?


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Hi Techgrl - think you will find the sagginess is only temporary. The more often you are able to Noogle the sooner the results will firm up! It won't happen overnight, but with continued use it will happen. How often are you able on a regular basis to Noogle?


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Hi Techgrl

I second what Moocow is saying about breast sagginess.

As for the NB Booty cups, I use them in an effort to grow my butt to it's youthful glory. I am a slim build 40-year-old woman with cellulite. With some bridges/hip thrusts, calorie uptick, and NB Booty cup pumping, for just over 1.5 years now, I've increased from 33.5" hips to 35" hips. For me, it's been slower growth than the breast pumping, but definite growth, none the less.