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Hello fellow NB users!

I would not say that I am new to this journey. I've wanted bigger, rounder, and fuller breasts since ninth grade. However now I am of a proper age to begin my journey. I am 19 and a solid 34C. I have been this size for years, and I love what I have BUT.. just like you all, I want more ;D and I plan on getting more with the help from hopefully experienced noogleberry users.

Below I have some current pictures ::)
I was scared to put pictures up bold I'LL BE BRAVE 8)

I've been using my XL domes for a month today, and at first they gave me broken capillaries so i switched to every other day. I am not very consistent and have been noogling mostly at night for an hour. I do the 7:2 method and it worked well for me at first, but now I feel as if I need to go longer than 4 sets (which is my usual) I use olive oil as a lubricant and sometimes a heating pad before noogling, but not a lot.

I play sports, so now that I am in the off season I can be more dedicated. I feel like I've gotten a LITTLE growth because my breast feel a little heavier BUT not much. I can tell if I keep it up I will receive a ton of growth, but I need help to know what to do.

I've also started taking some MSM. About 3,600 mgs every night in the powder form.

I'm sort of lost. I'm not sure what I should be taking, and whether it's making a difference. I'm not sure if my method is the best or if I could be getting better results from a different method. I would really love help/suggestions/encouragement!!



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First of all, welcome. Secondly, your breasts are beautiful so you don't have anything to worry about in that department.

As for feeling lost, I'm afraid that's very common and will likely last for some time to come. Each person responds fairly uniquely so there isn't a way for anyone to truly give you the "best advise". We all have found, read and experimented our ways to some sort of success. For starters, you really should read as much of STATS and GALLERY threads as you can since this will be your basis for ideas to experiment.

As for supps, I really don't believe you need any as you look in pretty good condition and breast development has been good. But if you want to experiment, there are several "recipes" floating around here. Be aware, all of these will mess with your hormones and being so young and developed, I just don't believe you'll see much value-added with them.

The best things you can do is pump for about 1 - 2 hours a day (or every other day) and get consistent. That's the key to all of this -- day in and day out, motivated or not, tired or not.. you'll be pumping to gain incremental results and it will be near impossible for you to notice much of it for weeks to months. This is why monthly pics help out alot.

I know this isn't a satisfying reply but you're starting a unique journey and it is going to tax your creativity and dedication as your reward will likely be months in the making. My last advice -- don't seek out "growth" on a daily basis because you'd drive yourself to frustration and quit (as this isn't a fun emotional state). Make pumping a habit and even pleasant so you'll just "do it" and find a nice surprise every couple of months when bras tigthen, tape measures give out bigger numbers, etc.



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Thank you for the response DJ. That actually helped a ton to know that I'm not the only lost one out there when it comes to NB.
And thanks for the compliment!

I have looked at almost everything on this site haha but i'll just have to experiment as you suggested until I find what is right for myself. I am pretty patient so it shouldn't be too difficult for me, however I just really don't want to go backwards like some have.

I'll just pray about it and be consistent :)


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I completely understand the worry about "going backwards". It is this feeling why I actually hate swelling. For me, it is a constant "going backwards" situation which I feel in turn makes "seeing progress" nearly impossible due to the yo-yo.

But to your point, if you've notice nearly all those cases where they lost size was due to large hormone imbalances or continued overpumping. When tissue is damaged, it just will not grow until it repairs itself and if it continues to be damaged over time then the tissue will actually shrink as a body's coping mechanism. A subtle example of this in action is when a woman starts to lactate and becomes engorged but continues not express her milk. This over time will cause damage (ask any lady about the pain) to the breasts and the body will shrink the breast tissue trying to minimize it (and stop the lactation).

So, you'll have little to fear if you keep on eye open for overpumping and not induce lactation (very unlikely until you start truly messing with your hormones) and refuse to express it. :)

Definitely read Jezabelle's thread because she did like a 34A to 34D/DD in a couple of years (she's still around too). DoubleD is a good read as well because she experienced some shrinkage (vacuum rebound as I call it) but she's back at it and looking wonderful. But don't forget to read the failures too -- this is where the true opportunities to learn exist.

Sigh, I do envy women for their typical "ease" of growth... I look forward to envying your progress. :)



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Welcome Bbountiful! Your breast are so awesome as they are lucky girl! With your starting point and your age if your consistent I think your breast will be huge, how exciting.

As far as your routine, try some of the different methods you see on the board, 7:2 , hydro noogling, snoogling, etc. I'm a big fan of switching up your routine for continued results. And some of those methods will work and some won't it's all trial and error really.

And Thankyou Dminer for suggestions my post, you know I love to inspire. Just wanted to correct though any shrinkage I may have had was due only to weight loss. Ultimately I've always been bigger than when I started. 185lbs - 36A to 160lbs 34D


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Thanks for the advice DJ!

I've been like stalking you online DoubleD haha you're progress inspires me. Thanks for the compliment! ;D

Is that weird? lol. It's like I'm trying to find noogleberry users who are at my point so I can see what their methods are. I'm finding that the 7:2 method works better for me and every other day but ill keep an open mind.


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Not weird at all, that's what we all do to get motivated and stay motivate. Make yourself a inspiration folder on your computer to keep you going on days when the going gets tough. ;D


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So this is just a quick picture of me pumping. I use a belt to keep the XL domes from sucking in my arm pits haha yeah that hurts. :-\


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I know exactly what you mean. I started with XLs (from flat) and when it grabs all the skin pulls into your pits... ouch! But I have seen my error and moved to smaller domes to build up a lobe which then can be pulled forward to lengthen the breast. You have the shape I so desire to have. I am so looking forward to you reaching DD... it will be glorious!

It is a shame ladies probably can't describe in detail how their shapes developed. For us males, it could be enlightening as we have to coax ours into a decent shape.

Keep at it and I'm cheering for you.



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Thank you DJ. You will get your desired shape. I have faith in that! :)

I really wish I could describe it for you because I would, but I have no idea how the shape develops.

I'm cheering for you as well. ;)

I think i'm going to do twice a day, every other day. I feel as though that would help the girls get used to it, without overdoing it. Also I've been eating a lot of meat salads and drinking about eight glasses of water a day (if not more)!!! 8)


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Last nights swelling was GREAT.
Just a quick pic of inside the XL domes again ;)

The fisrt one was after 4x of 7:2
The second was after 6x of 7:2


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You look fabulous, swelling is great. But I am concerned about your use of MSM. Many women have taken MSM on this site, and almost all have eventually quit saying noogling doesn't work. I believe MSM actually prevents boob growth. I know it is supposed to be healthy for other things, I just don't think booby growth is one of them. Take care.


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Just a little update.

My boyfriend came two weekends ago, so not much time to pump. I did when he fell asleep though. He knows, and is supportive but i'd rather not in front of him :-[

I also took a three day break this weekend, and I pumped today. My swelling was amazing. I almost filled my XL domes!

I think a break is great for me. It gives my breasts the chance to really settle into the new tissues that are being created from this. I cannot wait to see what the gals will look like in a few week, which is when i will post my monthly update!!

Here is the swelling in the XL domes.


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Wednesday will be the day i do my 2 month update. I don't really have pics from the first month, but it was full of trial and error anyways. That's the month that I learned that I couldn't noogle everyday or i'd actually regress. Glad I learned that early instead of ignoring my body's reaction to noogling.

Just a little update

I've started Sprintec 28 birth control (bc) and It's making my tits sore. I started it last Sunday so I can't really tell of its going to help with breast growth but I've read tons of reviews where it did help with breast growth. I'm not as hungry as I was prior to this so it's not because of weight gain so much. Like I said, it's only been a week.

I was reading up on PM and I wanted to begin taking the Ainterol Pueraria Mirifica 500mg Pure-D R1 Capsules

I also read that some women can take it and have success while on low dose bc
Is Sprintec 28 low dose?

I even called my doctor and asked her if my bc would be okay to take with PM and she had no idea what PM was lol so she wasn't much help.
Has anyone else asked their doctor about it?

I'm really considering taking my chances and trying PM regardless. I'm no longer sexually active but I take bc because my mom is more comfortable this way. She couldn't handle me getting pregnant and frankly neither could I. I'm 19 so making my mom happy makes my life easier even though i'm in college ha ha. As long as the PM is strong enough to override the bc i'm fine.

Anyone have experience with PM and BC?


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I have read of several ladies doing PM and BC but they are rarely specific on details. The fact your breasts are sore suggests a hormone change (estrogen). At this point, PM will just complicate things until you've gotten established. I would say in about 2 months you should have a good feel for how your system is going to cope with the BC.

Once that is done, you can *slowly* add PM to see how that works out. You don't want to throw your cycle off (like double periods, etc). Of that brand, I believe the common does is around 1000mg (like 2x500mg). Things to look out for... skin changes (oily, rashes or irritation) and weight gain.

Having too much estrogen like things in your system can actually slow or stop breast growth too (receptors become unresponsive as the body tries to cope). So, just take it slowly and watch for changes over 3-4 weeks.



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Thanks DJ. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me. I wish more people would comment.

So It's the 23rd which means ITS UPDATE TIIIIIIIME ;D

The following pictures are from the same angle as last time with the exception of one cleavage angle pic.
I've been using a 15:2 method for about two weeks. It feels better than 7:2 because it allows more time for my breasts to get used to the suction and it also helps with swelling. I pump until I feel a pull, then as the pull goes away I pump some more, never over pumping. I used to get red dots, but I haven't in a while.

I have a BreastNexus account and was following up on the Ainterol and bc regimen and came up on BonitaDD's regimen but she had the depo shot. However, I was planning on cycling to keep it healthy and regular but I have no idea how to cycle or what phase I should cycle in since in on birth control now.

BonitaDD's regimen

Anyone cycle the bc and pm?

I feel like my breast have lifted and don't look as saggy. Any thoughts? I'd love to hear how I could improve or suggestions?


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Something went wrong so here are the rest of the update pictures ::)


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WOW!!! Huge progress in only 1 month! You are absolutely right about them being lifted and out more, especially noticeable on the side pics. Surely you have overflowed your C cup bras? New measurements? You got a good system going there, keep it up! ;D

Oh, and I like the pic of you leaning forward, be nice to have one before for comparison.


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Wow your breasts are amazing, as in that's pretty much my goal size! I'm so jealous! ;)
Keep up what you're doing, looks like it's working!