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Underbust = 29.5"
Bust (around nipples) = 32.5"
Size: 6 US
Height: 5ft 6
Weight: 128 lbs

I have one child, breastfed until 4 months, then pumped until 6 months. Strangely, I continued have a little milk in my breasts until she was 26 months old (way longer than she was breastfed!). I lost all of my BF size though immediately.

I was a 34AA/A before BF, went to a full B/small C and went back to exactly as I was before, except nipples (I have largish ones) seem now to droop a bit.

I have tried Greenbush herbs: Fennel, Fenugreek, goat's Rue, Saw Palmetto 3 months, no results
Bovine Ovary: 8 months, no results
Self Hypnosis: 1 month, no results

Currently I am a 34A on one side and a AA on the other. I would be happy to be a full B like when I was breastfeeding without the feeding! lol unless I get addicted to Noogling and just keep going like several others on this board!

I go to the gym twice a week for cardio and light weights and advanced yoga once a week.

Noogle routine to start:
30-1hr the first week
I am now in the fourth week, noogling as much as I can which works out to minimum 1 hr a day, but some days nothing, and other days 2x @one hour. I told my husband about it 2 weeks in - hard to get in more than 30 minutes a day if he wasn't in on it, as he works from home.


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What bovine ovary did you take? And did you increase your protein while taking it? I heard you need to drink about 90 g of protein in shake form a day when taking BO for it to work. I have been taking Ultra Breast for a week, I believe, now. And I try to drink that much protein but it's hard to sometimes. I drink at least 50 g a day. And I eat alot of protein. I tried the individual herbs from greenbush as well, but I started getting side effects I didn't like, like cellulite, so I stopped them.


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Good luck w Noogleberry, Chloespeaks!

I'm another one that didn't have much luck w herbs. Surely our time has come and this is our solution!!! ;D



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Anastasia, I was taking a generic BO from a reputable vitamin company at high doses comparable to the popular BO called Wonderbreast. I was doing the shakes most days at 50 grams of protein. I wasn't working out much then either - I think I may have gained a little weight even from all that protein.

I took a look at the gum you took, but I wonder if it won't work for me since many of the herbs in their blend were the ones I have already tried. I know that lots of women either respond or don't to some of those herbs. I am glad that they worked for you though! :D Possibly, it might work better if you are younger too.


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I'm very bad at keeping a record, so I just realized it's been awhile: about 4 1/2 months, so a quick measure

(about 20 hours after my last noogle)

Underbust: 29.5"
Bust: 33"
Weight: 132lbs

I have just begun the transition from Medium domes to Larges; still don't fill the M's, but about 75%. Most days I get in two sessions for a total of 1-1/2 hours. I get the best situation from using M's for the afternoon session and then the L's in the evening for the second session.

Tried using Robust PM cream a.m. and p.m. for about a month and a half but didn't seem to be getting any results. I am now doing PM 300mg Day 1-14 for the last 3 months.


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Six and a half month update:

I've been doing chestflys at the gym to improve the firmness of the bustline and apparently my muscle responds far more than my boobies (which resist all growth).

Beg underchest Now
29.5" 30"

Over nipples Now
32.5" 33.5"

Not sure if boobies have grown all that much. According to the bra calculator, I am still a sub-A!

They don't look or feel that much different as far as volume, but in general look "better". I think I need to start eating a bit more protein as I love natural (but fatty foods) most of all. I found out using the protein calculator that I need to eat 48 grams a day - and I KNOW for a fact that my diet doesn't nearly do this as I was pregnant just 3 years ago and I counted protein grams and it ended up being less than that even by trying!


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8-1/2 month progress

I have not been measuring with the tape, nor tried on any bras - I rarely wear them anyways. I'm definitely a slow responder. If I grow an inch by the end of the year, I'll have felt I made some progress.

I was beginning to get white rings from wearing the NB and felt that not having the white rings was a big priority for me, so I stopped pumping for longer than an hour at a time. Now, I pump for about an hour a day split into two sessions and do a mix of pump and release and pump and hold.

On the plus side, I've graduated to the L size NBs Yeah! I was reaching the ends of the M's and now sometimes still do M's because I can do a bunch of other stuff with the M's on but still have to be relatively still with the L's. But I get the L's on no problem from the start, so there is definitely growing while IN the cups.

An interesting note is, my SO has confirmed that he is NOT a boob man by telling me "you've grown, but I'm not sure I like it as much as the old you...but whatever makes you happier is what makes me happy".


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It's been about one year and a half since I last Noogled. I did gain about 1" and kept most of it, but I still cannot fill an unpadded A cup :'( so I am back to try again.

I just got my NEW Contoured Larges and am able to pump with them well, without any additional padding, much more comfortable! I've added 20grams of protein consistently in my diet and work out much more regularly. I just sNoogled with these twice and can do it for about 2 hours before I wake up and peel them off.

Underbust = 29.5"
High Bust: = 33
Bust (around nipples) = 33.25"
Size: 6-8 US
Height: 5ft 5
Weight: 135 lbs


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Things are looking up! ;D

It's three weeks into returning to Noogle and I'm already getting results! I've got both Contoured Larges and can get both on if I strap them together. A fellow noogler pointed out that she found that three shorter sessions were better for her than one long one. THAT never occurred to me. So now I am trying to get in 3 sessions a day (not easy) but I am getting less skin pain, indentations and for the first time, growth that I can see in 3 weeks!

At first it seemed odd because I thought there was some strange puffiness around the top of my chest area :eek:. over the next week it became more pronounced, so now there is definitely some more boob on top of my pecs but not any difference at all at the bottom where most of my tiny mounds reside, but I'm pretty sure that as all boob things go, they tend to go down rather than up, so, it'll all work out in the end ;)

I'm not going to measure to jinx it, but they definitely feel fuller.


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^^^I couldn't believe the fullness (so slight but good!)
I gave in to my curiosity and measured!

Overbust: 34.5"
Fullest part over nipple: 34"


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congratulations! are you still taking any herbs/PM or just noogling? is it true that doing chestflys give you cleavage?

i am a super slow responder too. i started going push ups to build up my chest since my boobs don't seem to want to grow much. i recently heard that chestflys are better than push ups for defining the chest area. do you find that to be true?

thanks for keeping us updated on your progress.


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I find Chestflys to be absolutely great, so I'm posting my Chestfly routine in case anyone is interested:

CHESTFLYS are way better than Pushups! I do alot of yoga and also am pretty strong in the push-up department (22 in one minute, the regular unmodified kind), but these really are better for your arms (specifically triceps) than for your chest! within a few weeks of chestflys, I noticed a little lift and yes, even a little muscle on the inside of my bustline ;) this helps my "cleavage" look I am sure, even without any boobage to speak of :D

I lie on my back on the weight bench, knees bent and feet ON the bench. One weight in each hand - start w/ 5 each hand.
Arms straight up at nipple line, barbells parallel to my body (same direction longwise) - barbells meet in the middle like a letter A
Arms bend down until upper arms are parallel to the floor (no farther), inhaling
Arms straighten back up (exhaling)
I do 15 repetitions, 2 sets (= total of 30) sometimes I do three sets = 45
I started with 10 lbs and am now up to 20 lbs; i'm not really in it for alot of mass, so i have been going slowly up in weight

HTH, also, I've been taking 22 additinal grms protein in a shake every day even though I'm not on PM or protein or anything right now. I just am trying something different because last time I noogled, I didn't do protein but maybe my body needs more Building Blocks LOL, at least for the chest muscles right? ;D


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Trying a whole new way to pump. After the big growth spurt that I reported after stopping for one year and starting up for a month, I am trying to do a "on again-off again" approach. I stopped completely for 2 weeks and during that time, was doing some limited "boobie massage" as from the Breastnexus forum; now I am on again for the last two days, pumping 2-3 times a day, as time permits.

Didn't do any measuring but I went bra shopping for the first time in a while, and am nearing a real A cup I think. I've been going to h&m which has cup inflation I believe, as I'm practically a B in their bras. I had been wearing their A cup for a while, so it makes sense that if I'm a 34B there, I'm a 34A elsewhere. I'm getting pretty excited at having ANY choice in bras now ;D


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Hey chloespeaks,
I hope the on off method works for you. So far I think the best rotine I have had is no routine. If I havent pumped for a few days I see that I get better swelling.
isn't it nice for bra shopping to be a plesant experiance. I remember for years going bra shopping with my mum and every year hoping I would go up a cup size.Untill I got tov 18 and realised it was not going to happen. So depresing. I love just going in and trying bras on now :D
Happy noogeling :D


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yes, h&m bras are pretty small, but I can't even fill out their 34As nicely, so to be able to fit into the 34Bs is awesome! :)


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thought to come and give the Noogling another go! It's been 8 years since I was here, and I'm older and in another place. I recently have begun the journey to do one last big sculpt of my body before I hit my Golden Years LOL. I've decided after many years of diet and exercise that I want to do Liposuction around the midsection, and it occurred to me that now surgical technology includes Fat Transfer to Breasts from those areas. Two-fer-One, very exciting.

I saw one surgeon who told me I had to consent to doing the Brava program for 6 weeks so that the donor site would be sufficiently vascularized to accept the fat and no reabsorb it. She says 90% retrention with this method. I was floored by the Brava thing though - Roger Khouri's work with the Brava hasn't really panned out all that much, as another surgeon told me 60% retention w/out the Brava and that Brava is not even sold anymore. I looked at the website and it was true...I'm not even sure how the first surgeon is getting the Brava's.

Why not give the Noogleberry another try even if I don't do Brava. I may just get the fat transfer w/out, but it doesn't hurt to vascularize with Noogle!

So I'm back.


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Welcome back! I would love to know how you get on with the Fat Transfer procedure. I went for a consultation a couple of years ago and was told that my breasts were too taut and the fat wouldn't survive, so the procedure wouldn't work for me. I was gutted. That's when I discovered Noogleberry, but after 8 months of consistent noogling I stopped and the swelling didn't result in any permanent growth so I gave up, it was too disheartening. I may return to noogling again some day, but I know it will have to be a long term endeavour and I just can't face it! Perhaps I'll go for a second consultation for the Fat Transfer, there may be a surgeon who can help me. Anyway, keep us posted. For some of us, surgery could be the only answer.