My Berries!


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Heya Guys and Gals!

I am just starting out my berry journey and thought to post some pics after 1 week of noogling!
I remain very positive this natural method boosted with some phyto-estrogen herbs will give me the results I am looking for :)

Of course nothing always starts off perfectly, I mistakenly ordered a medium set of cups when I was checking the brief sizing on order page I just glanced at "B" cups and said yup that's me lol
Paying attention is key I guess lol anyways I have since ordered an extra large set of cups for my 37-38 chest which will with my luck be too big, but they will fit regardless and I am blessed with a bit of cushion to play with upstairs anyways with a natural 37B ( my guess )

I am still getting used to measuring my lady parts, when measuring over bust what is the best method, I am currently measuring straight across the nipples with very little pressure and likewise with my under bust. Should I hold my breathe while taking measurements?

Anyways all that stuff aside, here is my current regiment bits and pieces ive picked up on google, if im wrong let me know im still pretty new to herbs in general.

My choice of herbs is off the shelf walmart "Natures Bounty" brand. ( good or bad no idea yet )

I apply Flax Seed Oil to my breasts with a slight massage prior to Noogling.

I generally pump and hold currently for a minimum 15-30 minutes 2-3 times per day. ( sometimes 1 hour sessions at night watching tv )

The amount of suction I currently use is comfortable, basically I pump until I feel it pulling a bit tight on my sides or becomes tingly or painful. Then I tap the relief button once and call it good.

After pumping I do a quick massage then clean the oil off my breasts as it seems to stain if left on for long periods of time. ( I use baby wipes they clean most of it off easily )
Then I apply Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E basically a stretch mark cream for pregnant women making sure to cover the entirety of my breasts and skin around right to armpits since this is the skin being pulled and where your most likely to get your stretch marks from what I have read.
I know I should probably have the cream on during pumping? maybe I will mix it with the oil I just want the boost in phytos from the oils direct contact with skin while the blood is rushing through my breasts.

Fenugreek 610mq capsules, I take 2 of these when I wake up and 2 before bed. ( recommended dosage on bottle )I am currently taking orally until I can find a recipe for my own breast cream.

Saw Palmetto 450mg capsules I take 3 per day evenly spaced as possible. Usually 1 at wake up 1 at lunch 1 at bed time. ( recommended dosage on bottle )

Water Intake : I drink a minimum of 4-6 litres of water per day, from what ive read water is very important to the NBE experience.

Cup Placement : I currently position the edge of the interior of the cup approximately 1/4"-1/2" away from my nipples. My nipples are obviously still on the inside of the cup but I do it this way with the theory of pulling my breasts closer to the middle of my chest. I will be able to place them further out once I receive my proper size cups but since im stuck with mediums at the moment this is what ive chosen to do. Does anyone have advice as far as cup placement? I'm looking for a nice firm C cup in the end. Cup positioning tips seem hard to come by on my brief searches through the forums so far.

My Pre-Berry Stats :

Sex : Male
Height : 5' 11"
Weight : 185lbs
Age : 30
Over Bust 100 cm
Under Bust 94 cm

My Current Stats : ( Taken prior to first Noogle of the day )

Week 1

Over Bust 102 cm
Under Bust 94 cm

Some helpful phytoestrogen documentation can be found at the bottom of this page :


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Began experimenting with a oil mixture of 4 capsules fenugreek mixed with 4 tsp of Flax oil and I'm not sure 100% but wow my breasts are filling my 38b cup atm and they feel nice and firm with even a slight bounce. Maybe a growth spurt but I'll check my measurements tomorrow to see currently I am 104cm with no real swelling far as I can tell. I am also a light pumper, my rings disappear within an hour after.

Here's hoping!

I found a great link showing all phyto estrogen properties in commonly found foods and herbs and attached it to my main post. According to it Flax Seed Oil comes ahead by far!


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Here I am at week two, luckily ive received my xl domes which I think are really helping develop cleavage!

Im sticking to my regiment capsule wise, stopped mixing the fenugreek and flax oil mainly due to the fact I wasn't aware it needed to be refrigerated lol :)

These pics are after a 45 minute aqua pump which by the way helps a ton to get rid of circles. I fill the cups about half way with water in a bath then pump, the warm water helps circulation. You may need to play around a bit with how much water you put in the cups because the pumps don't care much for water.

I didn't measure my under bust today but it hasn't changed much to my knowledge.

Over Bust : 108cm ( after pumping )


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Me voici à la deuxième semaine, heureusement ive reçu mes dômes xl qui je pense sont vraiment aider à développer le clivage!

Im coller à ma capsule régiment sage, a cessé de mélanger le fenugrec et l’huile de lin principalement en raison du fait que je n’étais pas conscient qu’il devait être réfrigéré lol :)

Ces photos sont après une pompe aqua de 45 minutes qui, soit dit en passant aide une tonne à se débarrasser des cercles. Je remplis les tasses environ à mi-chemin avec de l’eau dans un bain, puis pomper, l’eau chaude aide à la circulation. Vous devrez peut-être jouer un peu avec la quantité d’eau que vous mettez dans les tasses parce que les pompes ne se soucient pas beaucoup de l’eau.

Je n’ai pas mesuré mon sous-buste aujourd’hui, mais il n’a pas beaucoup changé à ma connaissance.

Over Bust : 108cm ( après pompage )