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So today I decided to quit procrastinating and made a Noogle stopper. I got the idea a couple months ago (i know ::) to use a Pringle can. The flat metal base is perfect for preventing the nipple and areola from being stretched upwards and outwards. Using a clean can, I cut the base down to 1.25 inches for medium cups. I bored some small holes evenly around the sides for airflow and then cut flaps evenly around the sides from the top to about halfway, then bent them inwards for flexibility and dome moldage as i'm worried about cracking the cups with too much rigidity... I also need to monitor my pumping to not crack them that way as well.... i'm not exactly confident in the integrity of the plastic domes.

Then I put in a kleenex and started pumping. It's pretty great! although I found out that just because the space allowance is small ones NOT mean you can just go all-in. I over pumped my left breast within 2 mins! This seems to do exactly what I want without the worry of weird results.

I am planning on doing a BIG project for Noogle stoppers but for now this is a great inexpensive stopper and and I have extra Pringles to munch on while I Noogle :D

anyways let me know what you think!


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So far i've had great results with this! It leaves an indent in the skin where the lip rests, but it fades pretty quickly after i'm done :)


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please upload the video how to use it?
I don't understand your saying exactly
I tried pringles can like you do, But
I think it doesn't work
Please upload the video

thank you


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I actually ended up realizing that the lids of the Pringles can, work WAY better! I poke a few holes around the outside of the lid to allow for air flow and the lid will act like a stopper.... I also like to take Toilet Paper (TP) rolls and cut them into integrated heights, that way when i use my cups, i can vary the depth and area of swelling... i use this for both my mediums and my CL with varying heights of TP rolls, i have heights ranging from an inch all the way up to nearly a full length roll. I LOVE THIS because i can tailor my program better, you know, some days my boobs can't handle a full session and i just want something low-key, and using a longer length tube, allows me to work on my base volume and shape, rather than my growth volume.

SO, I put the TP roll (with air holes poked in the sides) into the Noogle cup first with one of the openings against the air hole... then place the lid at the base of the roll nice and flat, with the flat edge down... and kind of balance it all while i place the cup on my chest...the balancing and getting it place properly takes some time, but it's DEFINITELY worth it.

The TP roll keeps the lid in place for deeper cups, and the lid itself acts as a great broad area stopper AND it COMPLETELY changes how my breasts grow, I can control the volume and target areas better and when I need to use a smaller lid for deeper or broader swelling, i can just swap it out with a smaller lid, and in combo with the TP roll can continue to stop the areola & nipple from being pulled outwards, while also controlling my Target areas and fullness. It's SUPER easy: recycle TP rolls, Pringles lids, and maybe a smaller face cream sized lid, put holes in the TP rolls and the Pringles lid (but not your lotion lid, it's smaller and therefor unnecessary):

Noogle cup - air hole down: --> insert chosen height of TP roll if needed --> put lid onto base of TP roll with edge/rim away from the breast so it lays flat against you --> have fun balancing it all while you place your breast into the cup... if you need extra support to keep the TP & lid from moving around, try filling the space around the TP roll with paper towel or kleenex to offer more stability with airflow, before adding the lid on top.

This is my Go-To method because the cans weren't flexible enough and i worried about the integrity of my cups, tape and bandaids are a joke, and every other method was missing something. This method work extremely well. I especially like that its helping to even out my breasts as one is fuller than the other and I need to build my 'foundation' up on one breast a bit more, this helps me to control where the swelling goes, since one breast is holds volume slightly differently, i can manipulate the positioning of the lid against my breast to change what happens and even it out so it's comparable to my other breast. The lid lays against the TP roll and the TP roll pivots against the curved end of the Noogle cup, SO I can angle the lid differently to customize my experience. like sometimes i want more swelling at the top or bottom or all around.

my suggestion is to try this out for bit and play with it. i have 5 or 6 different height of TP rolls cut down to sizes i like, a couple Pringles lids, an old face cream lid and napkins to help keep the roll steady when i use my CL cups. Otherwise it's all positioning and playing around with it, but it WORKS WONDERS.

I hope this helps :)


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Okay SO I'm uploading pictures of exactly what I described:

1) All my materials
2) My medium Cup with only the Pringles lid, it sits quite nicely without effort at about mid height.
3) My medium Cup with a TP roll and the Pringles Lid, showing different height uses.
4) My Medium Cup with my smaller lid and a smaller TP Height.
5) My CL Cup showing the Pringles lid and a TP roll
6) My CL Cup showing the same Pringles lid and TP combo, but with added tissue paper for extra stability
7) My CL cup with the smaller lid, and smaller TP "Extender" with Tissue for stability (If needed, these are just examples)
8) My CL cup with the Pringles/TP/Tissue: HOWEVER this ones shows an example of how i can manipulate the placement of the TP and the Lid to control the target swelling
9) Exactly the same as #8 but a different angle
10) This is just a soft make-up round which i sometimes use to offer some cushioning between the lids and my nipples.

I Hope You like this method, it works really well for me!


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I'd like to update this briefly by adding that those little cotton make-up rounds worked really well as a guide for smaller 'lids'. I realized that the very tips of the cups tend to suck the nipples in painfully into the hole at the end, and the pringles lids are great for everything except the tip. So I took some flexible thin cardboard, like off a cereal or cookie box, and traced those little make up rounds and cut out the circles. They make GREAT substitutes for those couple inches at the end of the cup areas where the pringle lids are too large around. So a little extra balancing on the T.P rolls might be required during application, but its SO worth the initial frustration!

Anyways for those of you wondering, I know I don't post a lot, however I'm still around! I've retained a lot of my boobie growth even though I shed a bunch of weight and got back into strength training. I still use the lids and T.P combo. It's still my MUST-HAVE DIY addition. My noogle kit felt naked and incomplete with out them, lol, they even have their own special ziplock bags and pockets inside my dedicated Noogle backpack!

I hope this method helps and that you're all doing really well!