Tuberous breast



I have mild tuberous breasts too and I’m really wondering if BO helps with the shape. Did it end up working for you or was it the NB that ended up working?


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Hello Ladies,

I am a man. I LOVE TUBEROUS BREAST'S, BIG NIPPLES, and BIG AREOLA'S. I think it is absolutely crazy that so many women try to change themselves and resort to surgery in an attempt to look like 'everyone else' (with boring breasts and boring nipples). Tuberous breasts are absolutely beautiful! If you are blessed with them, I guarantee, there is someone out there who would Love to Love you, exactly the way you are. I have been trying to find a woman with tuberous breasts ever since I saw one for the first time. If you have tuberous breasts, I am immediately interested. Tuberous breasts are unique and beautiful. Please do not get plastic surgery. Unfortunately, there is no filter on any dating apps for tuberous breasts. If you are a natural woman and you have tuberous breasts, please..... do not get surgery! There is nothing to FIX!!!! Respond to this post if you are interested in chatting.