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ok willing to get this... can i make this quick release so pump not have to stay connected? we can do pay pal if wish
robert bush
408 orlando ave
Normal Illinois 61761
309 212 5840
Hi, I saw your post. I am supposed to get my countoured airlock soon hopefully they don't have same issue as you. In case of where did you get the chinese one from. Usually they always too small size. thanks.
Hello Loulou2020
I am living in Germany,so in my case it has been a little bit cheaper,but yes I have paid 100% of the shipping include taxes,thats the point why its so expensive.I had to fill out the import tax formular...very complicated.
When I order something from AliExpress its first cheap, very fast delivery,no taxes and no problems at all.
In a few days i try to post some pics...
Hi Loulou2020,
I have posted pics...
Thanks Meik, but where did you post it ? I just see recently you've been on Tina's topic ''I'm gaining size''...