Acronyms Commonly Used Here


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Okay I know the use of acronyms on this site can be confusing for the newbies, so I think it's best we say here what in the heck they mean! I will try to list them all, if I miss any please comment them, thanks!

NB- Noogleberry
NBE- natural breast enhancement (or enlargement)
BO- bovine ovary
EPO- evening primrose oil
PM- now this one can go two ways lol when someone is talking about a "PM supplement" they are talking about Pueraria Mirifica when someone says "hey send me a PM" they are talking about a private message or of course they could be talking about the time of day, that it's PM instead of AM. Depends on usage here lol.
KA- kigelia africana
FG- fenugreek
SP- saw palmetto
WY- wild yam
DH- dear hubby
IMO- in my opinion
HTH- hope that helps

Hmm, I think that about covers it haha. Lets see if we can compile them altogether, there may be others but I can't remember at the moment.


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OOOO great idea Anastasia!!!! :)
I also thought about making a post like that....But you did it!!!! ;)

FYI - For Your Information???
IDK - I Don't Know....


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Oooh, good idea. I just sent Lucy an email suggesting she pins this one so it will stay towards the top to make it easy to see. Here's another one for you...

TY - Thank You (or beany baby ;))


OTOH we could stop being lazy and just spell it out. I, BTW, never use them. ;D


Thumbs up for you Anastasia! This should be an sticky thread.

I can tell many people, specially non native English, will highly appreciate this help.


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LOL Philli, no that's true you never use them huh? Oh well, just call me lazy then! BY THE WAY lol, I always enjoyed your cheeky sense of humor.


Lovelyoneanna amazing results NBE
:D ...LOL yes thanks so much Anastasia.I found myself getting very confused.So I went to look for a list of abbreviations, acronyms and found none until today.Good job I can now read and reply to the forum a lot better.With out this, really all newbies are lost. ;) I feel a l00% smarter now, really thanks.Or, else trying to figure it out is a waste of my time, couldn't possibly keep up.


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Anastasia916 said:
oops forgot two

BB- Bountiful Breast (a BO supplement)
UB- Ultra Breast (also a BO supplement)
This was very useful, Thanks.

You should edit the first post and add these two there and any others that you deem worthy in the future. Keeping the first post up to date will help us all.

Happy Noogling. ;D