Charles Sadler

Hi Everyone & especially Steve

Well, it's been some months since I got the pump system and in general terms "things have gone just fine".

I am getting problem however and although you may smile - PLEASE DON'T LAUGH - NOT TOO LOUD ANYWAY !

My problem is that the cylinder has either shrunk or something has got bigger !! - My good lady says it's the latter !!!

When I use the pump the base of my penis expands to the point where it becomes jammed in the cylinder and despite loads of lubrication can be quite painful not to say ermmmmmm frustrating.

I was hoping that maybe a larger diameter cylinder was available but it appears not.

Any suggestions ???


New Member
Hi Charles and its good to hear from you. Im sorry you are having a problem. The system will cause the penis to increase in length and girth as you have experienced. If you are using a cylinder ring, i would advise trying without it as this will give you a wider diameter. If you are not using the cylinder ring please email me direct so we can email each other direct,

best wishes