Dharma's Piston Pumping Movie 'Completed'


Am I crazy? Or am I just so sane I blew your mind? ::)
Hello Nooglers

The movie I wanted to make was much bigger than this I had to cut it back to what you see here . :(
I had much more footage but anyway I hope you like it, it took me a while to finish from starting it months ago.
I put it away for a while have been preoccupied with other things.


Hey who turned out the lights? ::)

Movie Download ;D

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Hello Lexus

Thanks,the original is better it has starting and end credits plus more footage. :(
I will add though Lexus,if people want me to post Original Uncut Movie in future I will .
I might even call it "Piston Pumping Unleashed". ::)

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Thanks for sharing~

I read your original written description awhile ago and managed to figure it out kinda from there. I noticed there's that "Whoosh"ing sound in your video. I notice that too from the air moving thru the tubing. I guess that means I must be doing it similar. Though I can't fill them up all the way like you can. They're still too sensitive. (And one time I did push it a little too far and hurt myself without knowing it, so I try to be safe now.)

I can't really control my muscles that well yet though. I can get the effect, but I have to get it started by moving my arms. It's kinda weird, but I do feel more "full" after using your technique than without it.

Thanks again~ :)


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Hello damedame

My pleasure.. ;D
Take your time and you will be filling them in no time.
Regarding muscle control when you find you are doing nothing ,practice flexing your muscles.
I find myself doing this all the time, I do it without even thinking now. ::)
Yesterday I found myself flexing away while I was watching the Piston Pump Video.
I do hope it works for you the same as me.
I must be off now time to Piston Pump. ;D



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Hello Universallove

I am glad you liked it. ;D
Regarding your question am I going to post it on you tube.
I do not think it would be allowed would it? :-\
I am not sure if you are allowed to show Nips...
Anyway I only really made it for the people here on the Noogleberry Forum.
Due to Popular demand I am in post Production of Uncut Version.
"Piston Pumping Unleashed".

6 more day's and we have lift off..... ;D


[move]Pre Order your copy of"Piston Pumping Unleashed" today and you will get two free Butt Cups. :eek: This offer is Null and Void once read..... ::)


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Sorry to revive an old thread, but what is the "piston pumping technique"? Is this a technique to enhance pumping? Original attachment was deleted so I can't view sorry.


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I think that's the entire video It was just about flexing your pectoral muscles while pumping. I think he did it alternately.


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Don't remember the details, but it would be very tiring to do it continuously for a long period of time.