Didn't receive my soft pads with my order


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Hello everyone i have a question to all members, I need to know if it alright to use the nb system without the soft cups. I received my order today and the order was incomplete. I don't know what I am to do. Can I use the nb system without the soft cups?

Thank you


Most people don't use the soft padding. Works just fine without, but some find it harder to get suction started especially for large cups on a small chest. These people may find the padding is necessary. Use lots of oil (safflower or flaxseed salad oil) to get a good seal and allow the skin to slide easily into the cups. Massaging your boobs is a very important part of NBE as well as pumping.

Doubt you will get an answer about delivery here. Email lucy@noogleberry.com about the missing part of your order.