I don't believe it.....


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...it works.

A bit of background. I am 43 years of age who has suffered with impotence for the last 20 years. Originally I think it was psychological, but after surgery for bowel cancer it is now physical.

I had tried all the usual things, willpower, prayer, viagra, cialisis and none of them gave consistent results.

Noogleberry does though. I have had it around a fortnight and like anything it takes a while to get used to. Don't expect immediate results. You need to be able to tell whether your erection is due to the vacuum or due to the vacuum and the blood filling the penis. For me the following system works;
Use plenty of lube and massage the penis before hand(!) to get the poor thing warmed up and to start some blood flowing. Put the noogle over the penis and start using the vacuum pump whilst slowly moving the tube back and forth until you have a seal. At this point all you are trying to do is get the penis extending and avoid trapping any other vital bits. Once I've got the erection going I then release the vacuum, take the penis out and start again, aiming to get a bit more growth on the next time.

By starting the erection and then letting it go again I think you are helping to get the blood flowing which is ultimately what we all want. I generally find my penis works best when the foreskin is pulled back and after 3 or 4 attempts at the above method I see the penis get larger each time and the veins appear on the side, indicating that the blood is doing its job. I aim for around 7 or so inches, but keep checking for firmness by removing the penis and seeing how quickly it goes soft.

Once happy, I slip off the ring and bobs your uncle....usually.

I was worried that all this faffing around would take too long and the wife and I would lose interest, so I timed myself last night. It took 6 minutes and 33 seconds to go from flaccid to erect and I wasn't going particularly fast. We all know that stress and pressure doesn't help, don't we gents?

My only slight concern is that best results are achieved when standing up during the whole procedure. So I either have the choice of retiring to the bathroom for 6.5 minutes or standing at the end of the bed pumping furiously like an AA repairman fixing a tyre whilst my wife watches with a mixture of awe and horror. I could of course switch the lights off but then that might lead to other problems......Hmmmmm.

Seriously though, gents. It works and is a lot less harmful than the psychological pain of not being able to or those bloody tablets. All those blue pills tended to do was make me look like I had been sat next to a very hot radiator for too long.

By the way, I have no association to noogleberry.......I wish i did though.

Next stage, PENETRATION. I'm going in chaps, wish me luck!


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Hi wonkyone, your post made me and my hubby laugh, could just picture the scene in my mind!! lol. Nice to know men are having success with NB though, as well as us ladies!! Hope the 'next stage' was successful!! lol. ;)


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Hi wonkyone and thank you for your very informative and candid post. This will be so useful to others who are thinking of starting out and are in a similar situation. You may find that as you continue to use the system and recondition your penile tissue, you may be able to use it sitting on the bed instead of standing due to the blood flow.

Just let me know if we can help in anyway in the future.

kind regards



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Hi wonkyone, thank you for brilliant post. The image of the AA man will be with me every time I use my pump. I think you have a marvellous sense of humour that has obviously helped you with your problems. As to your technique it is the same mine but you get a better result than me as I only manage 6in ah well I can but dream. Still I have managed to double the girth!! Look forward to your next post. All the best and more power to you elbow. D.


thanks for your post and congrats on your results. There are not a lot of males who likes to share their experiences with noogleberry. But maybe thanks to you more will start buying this product and realize you don't have to be on pills.


pumping furiously like an AA repairman fixing a tyre whilst my wife watches with a mixture of awe and horror.

he he this made me laugh... the image of it... congrats on finding some thing that works, FINALLY


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You can try yoga, yoga is not an exercise, rather it is a lifestyle. Many have attained substantial health and enhanced sexual drive by yoga. You can also try natural male penis enhancement if you want to see quick results. Many products suit a particular type of men so you may not find success in one pill but don't loose hope and keep on trying.


Received my noogle this morning and couldn't wait to try it out, ive used a cheaper sex shop one before but the noogle was great,I bought the electric one as the old one was a bulb pump which wasn't that good,lots of lube and got a good seal quickly and was hard in 3-4 mins with a couple of stops to allow blood to flow,I thought best not go mad at the first try and slipped the no 2 ring down and removed the noogle.
Honestly the best erection I've had in ages veins standing out and stayed erect for 25 mins,getting the ring off was a bit awkward but fine and looking forward to using it again,very soon,I've used Viagra in the past but due to a vascular problem I can no longer use Viagra but this is a good alternative without the Viagra headaches.
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Hello Hologram,

I texted with you awhile ago. Thought I would touch base with you to find out how things are going with your pump from Noogleberry. Are you seeing good results in size and length after having it in use? I am interested in your results.