My Progress with Noogleberry penis pump


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I am 65 years old, after evaluating other Penis Vacuum Pumps I have decided to go for the Noogleberry one.
I got the pump sometime in April 2010. I have used it very successfully for making & maintaining a hard erection for sexual conduct but as well as for enlargement ;
My penis measurements were at that time :
In full erect length 6.77’ or 17.20 cms & in girth 5.2’ or 13.20 cms , & length in flaccid 4.72’or 12.00 cms & girth 4.5’ or 11.43. cmrs .
To-day after 7 months of exercise 3 times daily of 30 minutes each ( even I have stopped during Summer time for about a month ) but continued periodically for 2 to 4 times weekly ((1 time daily ) my results are fantastic for my age. To day my measurements are :
In full erect length 7.5’ or 19.05 cms ,& girth 6.7’ or 17.02cms (most amazing the both girth & length increase is much bigger in flaccid compared to the in erect state which is: length 5.90’ or 15.00cms & girth 5.51’ or 14.00cms).
So I had an increase (in full erect ) length of 0.73’ or 1.85 cmrs & in girth 1.5’ or 3.81cms ,
But in flaccid the increase in length is 1.18’or 3.00cms & in girth 1.01’ or 2.56 cms .
I highly recommend the Noogleberry Vacuum Pump for both increase & to maintain a hard erection for intercourse. The results are not permanent so for those who wish to have life time increase should try the Noogleberry Penis Extender which I just ordered it expect it soon . Will post my results as soon as I have some results .


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Hi, after receiving my pump,I have practiced for two weeks, I have not used the tension rings yet, very pleased with the progress. I am now getting semi-erections in the morning, my only concern is my penis feels sort of dead, is this to be expected, I have not over pumped


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Those who are wants to getting high erection using vacuum pump device is surely good choice. But don't using this device for continuously, because sometimes it affects the penis health. So please use with little interval time.