Penis pump help



I had my bladder and prostrate removed some weeks ago due to cancer and it has left me with ED but with a high sexual urge. Hoping to relieve this urge, I bought the Noogleberry penis pump but I am having a problem that I hope someone can help me with.

The problem is that I need to use the smaller of the two rings at the base of the cylinder to stop my testicles being drawn into the cylinder, (having said that, even the small ring pulls some of my scrotum inside) but when I pump to get an erection, my penis expands up to the inside dia of the cylinder and makes it extremely painfull to remove the cylinder and ring when the vacuum is released. I am using plenty of lub. but it is still painful.

Is this just something I must put up with or am I doing something wrong??


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Hi Vanman and sorry for the delay in replying. Please let me know if you are using the battery or manual system as the battery cylinder is slightly smaller. With regards to trapping your scrotum, i would recommend using the largest ring and putting plenty of gel around the ring to get a good seal. Trim back all your hairs and keep pulling the scrotum away from the cylinder. Introduce the head of the penis first and let the vacuum suck it in to the cylinder slowly. If you are not getting a good seal, push the base of the cylinder against your body and that will also help to stop the scrotal entrapment. As your penis firms up and you get used to it, you may find that dont need a cylinder ring. I can also send you a small piece of foam that you can put on the base of the cylinder to help if necessary. Please let me know how you get on and email me again if you need more advice or email me off forum if you prefer,

kind regards