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I just started a week ago. I am pumping and holding the pressure for an hour. I do that at least once, and sometimes twice a day. How long before I should have an increase, so I can decide if I need to try another pumping method? I have read about the 7/2 method, but what are the other methods? What is Hydronoggling? Any other advice to help with the process would be great.

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dear massage is soooo important. i tried pump and hold for several hrs with break every 45 min..i didnt grow a bit..i did 10:5.. hold 10min massage 5 min ..and i grew real tiny boobs..i was flat before..massage ....u might swell with holding long..it cant grow


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Thank you for your help. When you do 10:5 how long are you doing it fir once you start (how many hours)? I am flat also. When you get tiny boobs, how much growth did you actually get? How long did it take before you noticed growth once you started 10:5 and to where you are now? I appreciate your help.


And you have to massage with oil. Coconut, Almond, or Aloe Vera oil. These are listed from thickest to thinnest. Thinner oil will absorb easier, but provide less lubrication for pumping. For best growth I recommend Aloe Vera with some Fenugreek added in.


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How long? In a few months, maybe a couple of months you should get from flat to *some* breast tissue. When you've got to that stage you'll know whether you feel its worth continuing. For how long further steps take you can read different people's experiences on here.
(Hydronoogling is taking your pumping kit into the bath with you.)

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Je viens de commencer il y a une semaine. Je pompe et je maintiens la pression pendant une heure. Je fais ça au moins une fois, et parfois deux fois par jour. Combien de temps avant que je devrais avoir une augmentation, afin que je puisse décider si j’ai besoin d’essayer une autre méthode de pompage? J’ai lu sur la méthode 7/2, mais quelles sont les autres méthodes? Qu’est-ce qu’Hydronoggling? Tout autre conseil pour aider avec le processus serait génial.
bonjour monsieur pour la poitrine je pompes une fois par jour 15 minutes pendant 20mois plus fenugrec poitrine est maintenant le résulta est la hauts bout de 5ans


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