Thank You Noogleberry, so very much for the vacuum erection penis pump!


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First off I would like to start with a little of my health history. Back in 2006, I was told that I had Prostrate Cancer. That alone was a mind boggling,and, very sobering statement which I had ever heard! They said that they had caught it early. And; that, Because I was only 58, an operation was warranted. Here in Canada, they have the screening age down from 50 to 40, now. At my time it was 50.
Anyway. Here in my country, the doctours are not quick to talk about sex problems. Either before or after a Radical Prostatectomy Operation. They always ask you if you have any questions before it. But; if you weren`t told anything about sex. How can you ask? I was lucky enough to have had a checkup a couple of months ago at my doctours office, where I saw a copy of a book. It was called "Understanding Prostrate Cancer" It was published by: Rogers. I asked for one, which, he gave me. It had various different systems in it to finally help us with the problems of sex. That is where I learned about the wonderful thing called a Pump.
I had tried the pills! But, they never worked for me.I only got a Semi. And; they are around $70 for 4 here in Canada. They are not covered by our Public Health Plan here.The pump was under that price. And it will last almost forever. It also came with a traveling case, and it is built of a superior grade, in workmanship and materials.It has simple instructions with it telling the user of things to watch for and it`s proper use.It also advised the user to tell his Doctour about it use. I can see from that ;that ,these people are very serious about their products. And your well being. When I told my Doctour of it`s use it opened up new communication levels between us. He offered me stronger pill ,which I was not even aware of.But; I said now Thank You.
I should tell you about my finding Noogleberrys site on E-bay. There was hundreds of different types of pumps worldwide there! But, Noogleberrys advertised about the traveling case and that it was even for Prostrate and Diabetic problems.Like I said there was many more but not of the same level; even here in Norrth America.
I wwould like to thank one man in pertcular. But; I don`t know if I can say names. So I won`t. He will know whomn, I am taking about. Thanks everyone for all your help and time.I will never be able to say that enough. My wife and I both Thank You for your continuing help. It has been 4 years since we have enjoyed sex again, at this level.I will close for now. This one is a little shorter then the one I lost . Perhaps that is agood thing? If this helps one person? I will be happy! And I also hope that it may help Noogleberry for their time and effort in some small way. Thanks again guys; Jack


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Hi Jack and thank you so much for your post. This will be so useful to new users. Im pleased you are happy with your system and just let us know if you need any help in the future.

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