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    Hi, I have ED. It started not as a result of my heart attack four years ago, but 2 years ago as result of prostate cancer. My advice is; Start as soon as possible with a blood investigation for the level of the PSA marker. When it is over 4.5- 4.9 then you have to make more action to get...
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    pumping after canceroperation

    Re: before and after pumping after canceroperation Hi Batchboy, After a long period I got logged in on this forum and read your reaction. I am having a period of experience now with pumping and with better results. My advice to everyone with the same trouble(s) is the following. Get your...
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    pumping after canceroperation

    Re: before and after pumping making progress After some months I have measered the lenght and compared. There is a progress of 3/4 inch. The erections are getting better and last longer. Lengt is appr. 7 3/4 inch and the width between 5 1/2 and 5 3/4 direct behind the corona.
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    pumping after canceroperation

    Re: pumping after canceroperation 2 Hi Foster.per Thanks for your reaction. The last years I am not very lucky with my health. Almost three years ago I had a very bad heart attack. A week with a heart pump to keep me alive. Only 7-8 % of the people with this type of attack are surviving...
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    Becoming my namesake!

    This is remarkable. You are looking wonderfull. It must be a change of life. Congratulations
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    pumping after canceroperation

    If anyone needs information about using the Noogleberry pump just ask. Walks