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Okay I wanted to start this thread so that all the experienced users can compile the information and advice that new users should know so that they can have a joyful experience with noogleberry.

I'll start this off with discussing overpumping and indentations... if you over pump (meaning putting too much pressure on your breasts for too long of a time than your body can handle) then you WILL end up with red dots aka water blisters on your breasts, you may end up with bruising, and ultimately damaging the tissue of your breasts. It is always wise to remember that slow and steady wins the race. It is NEVER better to push yourself so far that you hurt yourself and too much of anything is bad for you. My advice is to pump gently, if while pumping your breasts turn purple, you are over pumping, mine sometimes turn red, that is fine. While pumping you should NOT feel pain from the pressure!!! There should be a pull on the breasts and that's it. ALWAYS use plenty of lotion, oil, cream, etc. whichever you prefer before noogling. I personally massage for 15 min before noogling, this helps aid in me getting more swelling out of my session.

Now with indentations... if you start to notice indentations in your breasts that you don't like, it is probably from pumping too much or too often or a combination of the two, try easing off a bit or even take a break until they subside. A few helpful things have been discussed on this board about this including, increasing massage, doing chest exercises to help put some padding on your chest to prevent indentations, among other things. Maybe some others would have more advice on this subject. I personally have never had indentations and it seems they are rare amongst users, maybe 10% at most experience them. And normally it is the more experienced users who have been pumping non stop everyday for years.

Methods of pumping can vary person to person. Some use the pump and hold technique like myself while others prefer the pump and release. Experiment with the two and find what is best for you. Pump and hold is simply pumping until it's tight then leaving it like that the entire session. Pump and release is where you pump until it's really tight, hold for a few seconds or minutes then release, then pump up again and you keep doing that the entire session.

As far as helping with your progress with noogleberry, drink PLENTY of water, that will help get more swelling, and many say increasing protein helps, getting a protein shake in once a day to add more may help. Some like myself even take other natural breast enhancement supplements to help with progress, but with noogleberry it is not required to achieve success.

If when pumping the rims on the domes hurt your ribs there are plenty of options for padding, Lucy sells the foam rings for the domes, some of us use other things such as, poster tack, cut up yoga mats, campers tape, etc. There are many threads on this and maybe some of the members here can help me in finding links to those threads lol. I'd like to compile links to threads that would be MUST READS for new users.

As far as moving up in dome sizes, it is best that you are filling the dome completely and after filling it while pumping it feels very comfortable, you don't feel a pull anymore, then it's safe to move up a dome size. Choosing a bigger size than what you need at the moment will not give you faster results, but might halt results, remember this is not a race, this is your body and it's best to take things slow. Natural breast enhancement takes time, it is never over night, if you want overnight the only option would be surgery, but we all know what happens with that.

As far as need to know information that is what I can think of off the top of my head, ladies please comment any advice you may have for new users and if I missed anything, I'm going to try to find the threads that would be most beneficial for new users to read and post them here, and I'd encourage others to do the same as well as I am sure I've missed some lol.


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Hey Anastasia,

Great idea! My two favourite tips, which I got from other members on this forum but I thought I'd pass along, as they've been very useful for me, are:


I'm not the most experienced noogler in the world, but my top tip for newbies is this: use skin-tape (for example sports tape), or bandaids over your nipples when you noogle if you want to prevent your nipples from getting bigger. I know not everyone's do, but my nips were HUGE after my first three sessions, and I didn't like it. I simply take four bandaids (two for each nipple), and make a little X over them. Then I lube up with grapeseed oil (I was using olive oil, but it's too heavy for me - grapeseed is a bit lighter, though everyone's lotion/oil preference is different), and pump away. If I get too much oil on the bandaids they sometimes come off, but I've learned how to avoid that - just through trial and error with different amounts of oil, basically.


If you're getting red dots or bruising from noogling, you're possibly pumping too hard, but we all overdo it accidentally sometimes! If this happens, arnica cream or gel helps get rid of the marks. Simply apply it to the affected areas after noogling and rub it in. Easy! Here's the Wikipedia entry that explains what arnica is and what it does:

If you want to get some, many chemists stock it in a cream or gel, or you can simply look it up online (I googled "buy arnica" and found heaps of stockists) - there are lots of places that sell it, and it's not expensive.

Those are my favourite noogle tips!

Blue :)


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* use cling wrap/saran wrap/food wrap stretched across your breast, w a large hole at the center(nipple area). this helps w suction and keeps the camper tape or whatever else you are using to pad the domes cleaner.

* if you have trouble w suction, try an oil instead. Greasy I know, but it does help seal the cups to the chest.

* I use the 7/16" thick camper tape and to keep it from moving about, duct tape...

*stalling - you WILL stall at some time. Just be patient. It happened to me each time I went up to the next size cup. Be patient with this and if you do try something, consider skipping a few days or changing your technique from pump and hold to pump and release. If it continues, maybe consider some other NBE to go along with Nooogling.

*If you are just starting to do something to get bigger boobs, try noogling first. Other NBE stuff can cause weight gain, mess up your periods, acne, cellulite, etc. See what noogleberry can do on its own. I truly wish I had started w NB alone. It is simply amazing. Give it some time and if you feel you need some additional help, then try the other ones..


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Hey ladies,

Can you ( or others who are about to add ) include tips to reduce the boobs-going-outwards-to-the-sides thing tht happens with noogling?

I tried tying the domes (I use L ones) but then the domes would no longer fit me. They would stand exposed from the outer sides after I tied them. I do not use rings as they fit on my rib cage too... I am using cling-wrap which works good for me. Even if I used the camper's tape it would not help I guess as the distance between the edge of the dome and my rib cage is quiet big.

Am I tying the domes wrong ? I just bring them together and tie using a big cloth.

please guide.



I've been meaning to start a thread like this, so thank you for doing so, Anastasia. I meant to post this much earlier today, but got distracted! Here are some threads that I went back and found that should be helpful.

Post positive results here,1486.msg12458.html#msg12458

Some Poster Tack/Padding Tips,1410.0.html

An interesting clue to permanent growth

How to Keep Track of Growth

(Philli) My Way,1404.0.html

Some tips of mine... I second Anastasia about the importance of water intake (via fruit, vegetables, and actual water). Also, caffeine or alcohol will affect how hydrated you are, as well as some medications (like antibiotics), so keep that in mind if you suddenly notice that you aren’t getting as much swelling as normal.

I don't think extra protein is especially important, especially since (at least in the U.S.) many people eat more protein than is necessary anyway.

This reminds me of another thing... vegetarians and vegans can grow breasts! Don't let folks tell you that it's hopeless just because you don't consume animal products. I've done just fine, as one can see from my stats, and no critters were harmed in the process ;) You also don’t need herbs in conjunction with Noogleberry to have awesome growth (see my reply here:,1713.msg14384.html).

Don't be surprised if the measuring tape isn't reporting any increases or significant increases in your first couple/few/or more months. Everyone's shape varies, which I think may have something to do with "stalls" that some think they may be having for a while. Basically, don’t worry about the measurements. Also, try not to measure more than, say, once every week at most so that you don’t get into a cycle of disappointment if/when the numbers haven’t changed much. Eventually, you'll begin to feel more of a heaviness and, if you are a bra wearer, you'll notice that you are filling it up more than you used to. You may find that taking some photos for record-keeping purposes is helpful for tracking growth. Personally, I've been taking photos from the beginning (just for myself), and I don't think that they actually show the real extent of my growth (push-up bra photos do though!), however this may be different for you.

On that note, everything may be different for you! Everyone's experience differs so much with this. Don't worry if you aren't getting swelling right away like another user, and don't be concerned that you still haven't gotten to your goal (which will probably be one goal of many). Tissue expansion takes time, but it does work if you stick with it.... and now here's a post of mine about just that! (,1597.msg13756.html)

Growth may come millimeter by millimeter or it may come in major, sudden spurts at seemingly random intervals... swelling just sticks around and never leaves! In my experience, I've had the sudden growth every so often along with little increases along the way too.

For tracking growth, I’ve found it helpful to do monthly “official” measurements after 12+ hours (usually 14+) since my last pumping session ended. I also keep track of the times I pump each day, for how long, and any notes associated with that session or that day (“really great swelling”, “few red dots”, “pumped lighter than normal”, etc). The notes can really come in handy when trying to figure out swelling and growth-related things. You may start to notice that you seem not to have any huge swelling for a long time followed by a big increase (and after some months of this, you might realize this is a pattern, which can help predict swelling/growth). I’ve also found the notes helpful in figuring out why I got a a rash — “switched lotions” was the note. Here’s a more detailed post of what my record keeping looks like:,1026.msg11807.html#msg11807

Take it easy. You don't need to pump for hours and hours each day to see growth. Many users have done just fine pumping a couple times a day for 30 minutes or so. I've usually done 1-3 hours a day in sessions of about 40-50 minutes and have also had wonderful growth.

When moving up a dome size, you may notice that you, seemingly, aren't getting as much swelling as with your previous dome size. I think this is due to the way that swelling becomes more spread out rather than the more focused, outward pull of a smaller dome. I started with the large domes, and, when moving to the XLs, I had a little over a week without especially nice swelling, but then I was back to having more prominent swelling.

Finally, a couple of tips about forum usage. Search the forum for something if you have a question (if it hasn't been answered in this thread already :)). It's very likely that your concern has been brought up before and you'll be able to find some answers. If not, go ahead and start a new post in the appropriate section of the forum. Another way of searching the NB forum that's helpful to me is entering whatever search terms you normally would into Google, followed by "site:". Example: red dots site:

It is also a nice thing when threads have informative titles, and you’ll probably be more likely to get input from others. A post titled “Help!” also isn’t as helpful for others to find information in later compared to a post titled “Having trouble with dome sizing” or whatever it may be :)

Also, the red dots that many of us experience at some point are actually broken capillaries, although some people have also gotten small water blisters as well. The red dots do have a remedy - arnica cream or gel. When dealing with red dots, I haven't had to stop pumping entirely. Instead I just try to pump more lightly. I've been pumping for almost 17 months and basically never get dots anymore (a couple of times in the last 6 months maybe). I think this is partially due to my skin getting used to the negative pressure, and that (after using NB for so long) I've become very attuned to what is "too much".


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WOW morninghello, excellent post, good job, I was gonna try and find the threads of importance when I had more time to go through the entire forum (a very time consuming task lol), but I think the links you posted at excellent!

Amelie, it's kind of hard to describe how to massage lol, but I'll try my best... the way I do it is, I use plenty of moisturizer be it oil, lotion or cream, whatever mood I'm in at the time, and I rub my breasts in a circular motion starting from the outsides, near the armpit, and working my way to the middle of the chest. And going under the breasts back around the the outside and keep going from there, hmm maybe one day I should make a video on how I do it lol. Gotta get some nip covers first though. This is really the best way I can describe it, hope it makes sense, pretty much do what feels right to you.

firm bustliever

Hello to everyone! My name is "firm bustliever" because I'm a "firm believer" in noogleberry... ;D but most importantly, in noolging safely. I may be new to posting, just started in the thread that started this one,(the whole "sara" breast indentation debacle) But I have been noogling with the extra large cups for 15 months. I've been a lurker,( long story) but wanted to speak up during said debacle to support Lucy and the wonderful ladies on this board.

I have to chime in with all the wonderful advice everyone has been giving, but I think the most important advice I would give to someone new to noogling is...patience, patience and more "patience" I see people all the time starting out and expecting dramatic results after a week or even a month or two. There are exceptions but for most, noogling is gradual process. If you read the links provided above especially the one on tissue expansion you see that permanent tissue can take 35 to 45 days to form, maybe more for some. So be prepared to think of noogling as a long term commitment.

Many of the most successful veterans on this board have been noogling for a while. Not for days or weeks but some for 8 or 9 months, a year, a year and a half, 2 years or more! I know this is not what some people want to hear and I'm not saying that everyone has to wait 2 years before they see results, absolutely not! It depends on what your goals are;

how much do you want to gain?
what is your starting cup size?
have you breastfeed?
have you gained or loss weight?
is the skin on your breast loose or tight?

All these questions and many more can make a difference in how you respond. I'm not trying to discourage anyone I just want people to have realistic expectations. This will avoid over pumping, disappointment and possible damage.

Remember everyone responds differently to noogling. I'm sure most of us, myself included have battled, and continue to battle the old "patience" monster :mad: But try to think of noogling the way you think of exercise, if you are out of shape you're probably not going to see six pack abs in 2 weeks, and rapid unhealthy weight loss will not get you the look you want either. But healthy consistent exercise will enable you to reap the best results. Same with noogling.

Don't depend on your eyes or the tape measure. It may not look like your growing this has happened to me, because I was growing in ways I didn't realize. I started at a small 36B but I had no tops, meaning I held all my boobie weight in my bottoms. And after gaining and losing weight along with some hormonal issues, what little tops I had were deflated. :'( But using the extra large cups for 15 months now, I have literally grown tops from bone.

My breast are wider, fuller, and rounder to the point that my own mother noticed the difference and was shocked. I'm now almost a full 36C.(I'd probably be fuller but I started working out and I lost some weight, and a bit of my volume) The best way I could tell I was growing was by my bras. They'd start to feel tight, and I could fit into a bigger size. I know some of you are thinking a cup size in 15 months doesn't sound like much but remember I was growing tops from bone.

Also I did it slowly, I noogle no more than 30 to 45 minutes per session. Depending on the day, I might do 1,2, or 3 sessions, and if I feel like I'm stalling I skip a day. I tried doing it longer but I found I actually got better swelling with shorter sessions. Plus my red marks went away quicker and I have not experienced any serious indentation issues.

I went through the pain of the extra large cups against the bone that others have complained about. :eek: The foam rings didn't work for me, the yoga mat helped a little, and like some I almost got discouraged and gave up. But I kept going with the shorter sessions and much gentler pump and release. It's taken me longer but I now pump with no pain. My body has pretty much gotten used to the cups and it's become a regular part of my day.

Of course I'll always be on the lookout for some type of successful padding, that will make the red marks go away even quicker or not get them at all.(wouldn't that be something! ;D) But I truly think slow, gentle, consistent noogling is the key to success. At least it seems that way for me. I know everyone's different. Good luck, happy noogling and peace to all!!


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hey people !!!

You guys are the BEST !!! ;D I consider myself lucky to be a part of this forum :D

You have so meticulously jotted the important stuff out here..

I needed some help on the boobies moving sidewards - like going apart from each other after noogling ... I tried tying the domes together but then they wouldnt fit me after tht. They would stand apart from the outsides.. if you get what I mean..

I can't use rings as they dnt fit on the rib cage , even campers' tape dsnt help to fill in the gap between rib cage and the domes after I tie them..

Any ideas ?

lotsa luv


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melons, what size domes are you using, and if you can't fit both on your chest, how much are you filling them? Just you just start with these ones that don't fit?


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I am using L size domes , underbust 28 inches , overbust 35 - i used medium domes just once and had to discontinue them as they din fit at the base of my breasts. They sat around at 1/3rd or 1/4th of the length of the breasts. L domes fit me fine without rings.

I think I fill the L domes 90% , the nips keep getting thrusted against the walls of the domes. But there is still some space at the top. So I think I can keep using the L domes for some more days/weeks now.



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Okay I'm not sure what you can do to use both if you can't use the mediums :( I started with the mediums and used them 2 months then moved to the L's for a few months then moved to the XL's and I never had a problem fitting two domes on my chest till I got to the XL's and what I would to is prepump with the L's until I got good swelling them I would put the XL's on. But if you can only use the L's sadly only thing I can think of if you can only use one at a time is to buy a cheap granny bra or nursing bra, if it's a granny bra cut a whole in it for the dome to fit through, put your dome on your chest, pump then put the bra on to hold it in the place you want. There was a thread on this, using those type of bras to hold the domes on. And with using a nursing bra they already have the holes lol, but yea just go to a cheap store and buy one like walmart, target, etc.


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Hey Anastasia,

Thanks for the reply. ;D

I have the following questions on this (they may be dumb :p):

1) With the granny bra I can use both the domes together right ? or is it like only 1 dome at a time ?

2) What size granny bra should it be ? My size ?

3) Once I pump I cant move the dome , it gets very stiff and tight ? So how would I move it after putting on the bra? Or is it that I put the bra first and then put the dome and then hook the bra ? I am not clear on this point.

- melons


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Really I can only guess as I never used this method, never had to, there was a thread on this somewhere I just can't remember where lol. The lady got a bra in her bandsize so it would fit her, but the cups were big enough to be cut and the domes fit in them. I believe she used both domes at one time in it, put the domes on with the bra so it would hold them down and then pumped. She said it helped her keep suction and hold them where she wanted them.


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I am not seeing any growth..i have used it for almost three months now.Please suggest me if i need to use any supplement along with this.

Thanks in advance


incase it hasnt been mentioned...

to hold the domes together to stop them spreading and to also build more cleavage.. tie a scalf or strong piece of material around the domes once you have got a suction and the domes stay on your cheast, just tie them together untill they meet and secure tightly an pump away.....

for better cleavage and upper boob swelling push the domes together and up towards your coller bone then continue to tie them together as b4 x


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How do you know / realize its time to move on to larger domes..

I pump and bandage my nips and after pumping my breasts dont touch the tip of the domes , they are around half inch away from the tip. Should I move on to higher domes ? Or there is still time ?

Ladies please advise.

lotsa luv,


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I'd move on to larger domes if I was not getting more swelling anymore. And definitely if your nipple is touching the end of the dome. If your next size is the XLs, I'd stick w the Ls for as long as possible and not rush it. It truly is a whole new ball game w the XLs. If you're going from S to M or M to L, you might want to move to the larger ones now..



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Hey wannabecee,

I am currently using L size domes, I began with these actually and I have been noogling for 15 days.

If I dont cover my nips , they touch the side walls - they dont touch the exact tip of the dome per say.

But when I bandage them and secure them , they dont touch the walls of the dome, they actually remain just a half inch away from the dome. And yes I think I dnt get tht good swelling anymore. I know 15 days is a bit too early to switch to larger domes but I am beginning to think whether I should wait for the bandaged portion to touch the tip of the dome Or is it time to start using the XLs anyway.

lotsa luv,